1.2 Opening the Command Line

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Video Transcription
hello and welcome this video. We're gonna go over opening the command line for my command line basics course.
So what we're gonna learn in this video is we're gonna learn how why the seal eyes important identify differences between the gooey and seal I and that's the graphical years. Their interface in the command line interface.
Open the command line on windows and open the terminal on Lenox. So this is a very important part of learning command line basics because you need to be ableto open the command line in order to interact with it. So if you don't have experience with this ah, highly recommend you taking notes for this section.
All right, So pre assessment
went Advantages doesn't see a line provide over the gooey
A see the line makes a user appear as an elite hacker
be the CLI allows you to click on new interactions.
See pictures and videos look better at the C. L. I or d actions that the seal I can be easily replicated.
And the question is when Advantages that the sea alive provide over the gooey.
And if you said d actions at the seal, I can be easily replicated. You're correct.
That is because the terminal we can use to either write scripts or a lot of the tools are able. Thio have their own functionality to work past just one, uh, and user or end machine.
So, uh,
for the seal I makes a user appears an elite hacker. While yes, that may late make you look cool. Uh, it isn't exactly eight advantage over the gooey
for be the seal I allows you to click on new interactions. That's incorrect because you can't click anything on the seal. I that is the command line interface, and you have to interface with your keyboard by typing text in,
and the same thing goes for see pictures and videos look better at the CLI. There are no pictures, and there are no videos of the command line interface. It is only text that is spit out as you provide commands into the computer.
All right, so let's move on.
So why's the CLI important?
It is important because it was the first way to interact with computers when they were first made.
Um, additionally, you can get Rebus control up to the colonel level, using a limits machine you can actually patch the colonel and modify it to how you need it to be able to function.
Uh, like I said before, many advanced tools did not have a gooey. So you need to be able to learn how to do this for your cybersecurity career so that you can utilize thes advanced tools to be able to achieve your objectives.
Uh, my favorite. Automate boring tests. Uh, I hate doing repetitive things over and over, because that's what computers are really good at. So, uh, I
take any kind of boring, repetitive task and learn how to automate it so that I don't have to waste my time.
And then on that note, you can also increase your value to your employer. If you do manage to automate the process that takes too long or is too repetitive takes, you know too much of your time or someone else's time, it will significantly advance your value to your employer.
All right, So, like I was saying before, we have the gooey and the CLI. The gooey is the graphical user interface, and I'm going to refer to it pretty often in this course as well as the sea life. So the gooey is easy to understand. It has visual indicators, as you can see in the picture. In the top rate,
you have pictures of folders
Nice little things to click on.
You know, a nice little pictures makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I like it
and then we have the sea allied the command line interface.
Ah, it is text based on Lee. If you're lucky, we'll have some colors based on the type of terminal you have, it is scrolling text, no pictures, and it does involve a lot of reading.
So this does have a difficult entry barrier if you haven't used it before. Uh, from what I've seen is that a lot of people, when they first get used to the command line, is that they feel overwhelmed because there are so many things, so many words,
a lot of unknown kind of things going on in the text for the sea alive.
So you will get overwhelmed. And like I was saying before, you need to have a very strong attitude. Slow down, ask for help, read through items that will help you.
All right. So opening the command prompt on Windows, so we got a few different options. We can click, start and type C M D for command. We can hold the Windows key and our type C M D. And that's in the run window.
And we can also click the Windows icon and you can click on Windows Power Show.
And, uh, I'm not going to go over in a tower shell modules in this course because we are going over basics of command lines.
But I do highly recommend that if you are going to continue on your cybersecurity journey toe, learn how to use the Windows power, she'll because they will replace the command prompt in the future.
All right, so let me show you howto
I'm going to open up the command line.
They were a gift from the start menu,
and then, like I was saying, Before you hold Windows G R. This will bring up the C M. D. We can hit that, and that will have been a command window as well.
And we can right click the Windows icon and go to Windows Powershell.
And there we go. When there's Primer Shell, it's blue. Looks great.
let's see
All right, So that is for Windows
now. For Lennox. Uh, well, yet the dude's just click on the terminal. I come pretty easy. Please take note to that. Certain distributions of Lennox are seal I only and do not come with a gooey
all rights. Let's pull this up.
So I already have one up right now. This is my Lennox main terminal.
This is the terminal icon, and this is what it looks like when you have the terminal up.
All right, So what is the best way to open the command line?
Is it clicking the terminal icon
using the windows run, prompt
opening power shell or all of the above? Each method is equally effective,
and we want to find out the best way to open the command line.
It is d all of the above. Each method is equally effective.
Each of these methods will open up the command line. And there isn't necessarily one that's better than the other because we're all getting there to achieve the same function.
All right, so in this video, I explained the importance of the C line. We identified the differences between the gooey and the seal. I unless the graphical user interface and the command line interface demonstrated. Opening the command line on windows demonstrated opening the terminal on Lennox.
And I hope you learned, uh, how did open the command line, and I hope to see you in the next video.
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