1.2 Myths, Misconceptions, and the Iceberg Graphics

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1 hour 55 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello, people of Interwebs. This is Tim Stover, and today we're looking at the very first lesson on a comprehensive guide to the Tor browser.
This first lesson is gonna be on myths and misconceptions of tour and of the Deep Web and the Dark Web. Before we get much further into this course, let's go over the pre Rex, which there aren't any basic. Networking is a plus, as you can see here, but it's not required where you do need,
it's just,
ah, want to be safer online and be anonymous online.
I want to start this all off by saying there's a lot of misconceptions about the Dark Web and the deep Web and the reason we're getting into this because the number of people who use tour to access the deep Web and the dark Web. So let's get some of these misconceptions out of the way Now.
I scoured the Internet and I didn't questions and compiled in questions of
things that I've been asked as I've taught tour and hacking in the past and a lot of exceptions that are out there. Okay, let's get into this tour is legal. It's just a browser it's designed to keep you anonymous when you're surfing online
and it's allowing you to go into the deep Web on the dark. Web through directories will get into later.
So yes, it's legal. The Dark Web is a subsection of the deep Web, but they're two different things. The Dark Web is just part of the deep Web. We're going to more of that here in a visual a few minutes. If you heard about Deep Weapon Dark Lab from mostly YouTube, a lot of what you heard or saw there,
his stylized, romanticized It's not riel. There is no Shadow Web
or Mariana's Web. There are not many levels of the Deep Web or dark Web. It's just deep Web dark Web. And that's it, period.
Shadow Web originally came from an old post in a forum that posed creepypasta, or it's just basically stories called No Sleep to read It. Subreddit You look it up. It's based on old post there
that became so popular that it leaked out mass media, which then took it and had a field day because they don't know better. So there are Web sites on the dark web that will say allows you to access this subsection. It's not really scams. Be careful. Be smart man, whose Web
came from an infographic that was posted as kind of a trolling graphic about dark Web conspiracies, and it became so huge and so popular that the mass media took it. They started posting. They didn't know better.
Nothing else from this first lesson learned to double and triple. Check your facts.
So there are a lot of creepy pastas, which are again just stories called copy and pays became creepy. Copy pays Creepypasta. There's a lot of them out there about the Red Room, about different things that you can see online. A lot of them are fictional, well written, but fictional stories hit man's for hires.
There are none that are out there that I or anybody else have seen their RC legitimate.
Most of them are scams. Silk Road marketplaces did exist and do exist. You can buy drugs, guns, all these from things from these marketplaces. But be careful, a lot of them infiltrated by the FBI, and you could be in big trouble. So, in conclusion, with the dark Web and deep Web, is it hyped? Absolutely.
Do you still have to be very careful
and use the proper tools. Yes, that's why this lesson is being written and produced for you. Also, that you guys can have the right tools, right mindset and know what's real and what's not real. And speaking of wrong, this graphic is very wrong
and actually trolling a little bit. If you read through it, you're gonna notice a lot of references to Creepypasta. As I mentioned before, It's all conspiracy, and that's why it was created. So the reason why I'm putting it up here is so that you're aware of it. You looked through this with the wrong on both sides of the screen, took and tell you it's just
So this whole iceberg graphic that's big is actually not really. Of course, the best graphic T used to show the Internet. As you can read here, it should be more of a tingle ball of yarn because that's how everything is interconnected. So but I understand how and why it's popular, So this is probably my favorite
iceberg graphic if I have to pick one
because it shows you clearly how things were laid out and there's no conspiracy here. Trolling in this graphic surface Web, also called clear, well clear. Net is where a lot of the Web sites that we act something basis. Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, Twitter, instagram. Those were all under the surface Web
and those air easily searchable by search engines used in most browsers such as Firefox, Chrome Edge
Safari, etcetera. Let's end here and go the next video, we'll go on to the deep Web.
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