1.2 Examining Local Area Networks, Devices, and Data Transfer Part 2 - MTAN

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once again to the side. Very empty, A 98
3 66 network and fundamentals certification prep course.
So let's begin by first looking at exactly what or to find exactly what is a wide every network
now, whatever that is. A network that exists over large scale jerk Africa area. Ah, ***. Next, different smaller networks, including local area networks and metro area networks. This is sure that computers and uses and one location can communicate with other computers and uses an other locations.
The wind implementation can be done either with the hip of a public transmission system or a private tight network as well.
So, in essence, your win connects more than one land, and it's used for large. You're a graphical areas. Ah, when works in a similar fashion to a land just on a larger scale.
So let's talk. Discuss what is a peon appear type network
again. Basically think about Pete appear their computer system, which are connected to each other via the Internet,
use their very small, tight networks.
In this case, work says have equivalent capabilities as well as what we call responsibilities.
And when you have a pita period does not require a switch or huh? Other words. It doesn't require some type of symmetrical connecting device in order for you to have a peer to peer type network set up.
Now, these have a network can do not perform well under heavy data low. So that's one of the drawbacks again, off a peer to peer tight network. So that brings us to what is, in fact, a local area network.
A locator never is a computer network within a small geographical areas, such as a home, you have a landing, your home and your school, your computer laboratory, your office building or group of buildings. A land is composed of interconnected workstations and personal computers, which are which are. Each is capable of assessing
and sharing data in devices such as printers,
scanners, data storage devices anywhere on the land. Lands are characterized by higher communication and data transfer rates and a lack of any need for least communication tight lines. So again, the landing was confined A one billion, or it could be a group of buildings that I mentioned earlier
again, obviously again, the travel doing. But in order for you connect these devices together you need to have some type of what we call a central core neck device. A being a switch or or nevertheless, Ah huh. Is that antiquated or leg device? You don't see many
individual networks nowadays? Modern Networx utilizing, huh? Because of religious,
we'll be discussing that and live it more detailed in upcoming presidents with some of the dangers of a hub as opposed
vegetable switch as opposed to Uh huh.
Still continuing when I look at networks and give me my local, every neck is a group of network computer that I can find a small geographic. They're usually one building.
Give me a minute. Need to have some type of cabling type system. You could also be Wallace. You could also have a Wallace Land as well
the main purpose of look. Aaron ever enlarging what the share information. If a business has more than one computer, chances are you could benefit from networking them. A locator network connection company computers allowed him his share exchange a variety of information where one computer can be useful on his own. Several network computers can be much more useful.
So So what are some of the real reason for networks in itself. First of all, final sharing. Have you ever needed to access a file stored on another computer? A network makes it easier for everyone to access the same foul and prevents people from accidentally creating different versions. You also provide your billy for printer sharing.
If you use a computer
chance are you also use a printer with a network. When you network several computer, you can share the same printer, although you might need a more expensive printer animal. The added work Lois. Still, it's cheaper to use a network printer, then took in a separate printer to every computer in your office. Other words and much more cost effective.
You also had a building to for communication collaboration.
It's hard for people to work together if no one knows what everyone else is. Doing so well in Essen and Network allows employees to share files, view other people's work exchange ideas more efficiently. In larger office, you can use email and instant messaging to communicate quickly
and to store messages for future references. It also provides you with organization.
A variety of scheduling software is available that makes it possible to arrange meetings without constantly checking everyone's schedule this somewhere Use include helpful features such as shared address books and and and and to what we call a to do list as well.
You also haven't been in what we call remote access.
Having your own network allows greater mobility while maintaining the same level of productivity. Were more access in place, user able to access the same files, data and mrs even when they're not in the office. This access can even be given to mobile handheld devices. You also have data protection is another reason
you should know by now that is vital to back up your computer data regularly.
A network makes it easier to back up all your computer data on your off site server, a set of tapes, CDs or other type of backup systems. So what is a serve? A base tight network
in a server based network? Several computers call service handles network tasks such as authenticating users storing your files. You have been a manager printers running your applications, such a database and email programs. Security general centralizes well in a what we call by in a security security provider,
which allows usedto have
one news account for logging on to any computer in the network because Father store essentially, they can be easily secured an obviously bagged oppa's well,
Another reason. What server based network have much more costly there much. There are more costly and complex to sit up and immensity in what we call a Peter Pierre Tight Network, and they're often require service off a four time network administrator. The idea for businesses that are concerned about security and foul integrity and
and have more than 10 computers
max up you have acted have marks. Our 2012 and 2016 are ideal operating system for server based networks. They offer centralized network administration networking that is easier. Sit up and configure. You also have what we call new technology file systems, which again, as additional security, you have ability
file and print sharing,
user profiles and so forth.
Another thing is very important again. Is network documentation
never darken? Taste is a form of technical documentation. Is the practice of maintaining records about your network of computers? The document tasted used to give administrators information how the network should look but form and whether troubleshoot problems as they should occur.
Also network doctor is any effect they help describing. Also defined as well
the purpose of the guest documentation basically described the use, operation, maintenance or design of software or hardware through the use of manual listing and diagrams will now see the different types of documentation out there as well.
It's a mention for there's different technologies used to again for network. Not like, for example, a good example. Is Microsoft busy? Oh, which is a common tool produced by Mike's off that allows you to be able to get to actual again, uh,
your document, your network. In other words, from a descriptive standpoint. Now, obviously it is a mention before you don't want this information getting in the hands of this any about. You have to make sure this help on the lock and key because again, if somebody knows again how you're in tow, set up of your network from a network perspective,
then that makes it easier for someone to our embassy to hack into your network again.
The network documentations very, very important from Obviously, before you actually build your network, you need actually put the bill your network on paper first before you actually go to the price. Actually building an actual network itself
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