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Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to the side Berries empty. A 98
3 67 Security fundamentals certification prep course.
Let's begin this course by first. Our answer. The question.
What is in 98 3 67 Security. Fundamental certification all about? And in fact, what are some of the benefits?
Did you know
that, according to Microsoft, 86% of the manager state that an I T certification or important when they're considering candidates? And in fact, many 1% say that it's sort of a case of social when they're hiring
for Microsoft, The state that 64% of the manager that was surveyed thought that its certification had high value when it came to invalidate the skills of job candidates? And that certifications along with experience and training, with some of the most important characteristics that they looked at when they went about that process off selecting future employees.
Now the Empty A micro technology associate certification. What is going to do for you is gonna put supply you with expertise knowledge needed for a specific technology or product, and it's highly recommended starting point for Microsoft certification. It's gonna provide you with a rock solid foundation.
And imagine is, with just one exam,
you're going to earn a certificates that allow you to take your first step toward again building a career in the information technology.
For those of you who opened to improve your employability, having a world recognized certification could be the key to raise it not only your profile but as well as your stop. So impress your future implores and feel confident when you go to your next interview, knowing
that you have a certification and the skills that would enable a successful i t career.
So this particular course instructor who were the target audience? Obviously it's anyone they get opposite. Interested. Enhancing their skills,
dealing specifically with network and operating systems security as well. A software security.
Also, students looking to pass to empty A 98 3 67 certification are the words we called it the security fundamentals exam,
for example. A while there are no specific prerequisites.
The March organizer associate again. Obviously, come on, the 98 367 Security fundamental required that you have a basic understanding terms of information technology.
Let's look at the skills gonna be magic
now. The exam when a measure ability compass the technical staff listen above the percentage indicate their relative weight of each major topic area on exam.
The higher the percentage, the more questions you like to see on that content area on exam. I'm gonna walk. You do several questions pertaining to the empty 898367 Security fundamentals. In fact, we're gonna have a practice question, because again, opposite throughout this training, you're gonna be have a situation where we going on pre assessment questions,
along with what we call post assessment course in.
So again, this particular presentation is gonna be landing foundation for the entire course.
Let's take a look at the course outline. We will begin with marja one. Understanding security layers
martyr to at dedication, authorization and counting
Margin on the three Understanding security policies
Marginal before understanding Network security
Model five Harding your server as well as your clients. Let's take a look at some exams. Specifics Here.
Now the number of questions again you don't have anywhere from 30 to 50 questions.
Obvious is Michael does not publish this information. Number of exam courses may change without notice.
The type of question will be multiple choice. You need to have a score a 70 in order to pass exam. Now this passes score does not mean that you must answer. Send vicinity items correctly in order to pass exam the after presented various from exam exam and that maybe Maura less than 7%.
There's no penalty for guessing, no points of the darknet for incorrect
answers. If a question specified that you must choose multiple correct answers, you must choose exact number correct answers specified in the question in order to earn the points for that item. Some of the questions on the exam may not count toward calculation of your score. Microsoft will often through a question in that
it meant to gather data that would help them improving exam.
Now, for the example, limit is about 15 minutes for the exams.
Now how do I pass it down? The first time I've seen it? I'm gonna provide you some key insider information. First of all, review the side very slides, study the material, select the best response and focus on the key concepts.
So let's take a look at a simple course in here, and the question is, this follows What technology is not used to implement competent galley.
Is it a encryption? Is it be access control? Is it see auditing or de authentication?
If you say like autumn in, you're absolutely correct now. Competent Galley is particularly critical in today's environment. Several technology support. Confident Jolly in an enterprise security implementation. We told my strong encryption screwing with an occasion and scrimmage it. Access control.
Now in our first martyr will be discussing understanding security layers. Again, I look forward to seeing you in the upcoming video presentations.
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