1.12 Summary and Review - IP

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Video Transcription
Hello, everyone. And welcome back to intrude a python here on cyber eri on demand I, as always in your instructor, Joe Perry. And if you're watching this video, it means that you have completed module one. This is gonna be our summary and review. This is the only side we're gonna have in this module. We're just gonna talk about what we've learned.
So we started out learning about the history of Python developed by Guido Van Ross, Um, and released in 1991.
We talked about the design of Python Peps eight and 20 Zen of python and pythons coding conventions. We've talked about Boolean logic, the two fundamental values and the three fundamental operations on the fact that from those very simple pieces of data and those very simple operations were able to extrapolate all of modern computer science and a huge chunk of modern mass,
all the things that we do are made possible. Thanks to Billy and logic. Then we talk about flow control. We learned that flow control is an execution decision based upon some internal logic. If Elif else for and Wild we talked about variables I know I don't didn't right variables on this slide. We didn't talk about what variables are. We learned how to run python from our shell, how to create a python script.
And then we learned about the different python data types,
strings, numbers, lists and dictionaries. So that was what we covered in module one. Hopefully, you learned a lot. I certainly enjoyed teaching it and hopefully you enjoyed learning it. And I hope that we see you back again for module to which is gonna be the very next video on your list. After this video, go ahead and take a little bit of time to take your midterm
go over the supplemental materials that are marked for module one.
Just familiarize yourself with everything that we've done so far because when we started module to, it's gonna be off to the races and it's gonna be all programming all day. Thank you for watching this. Thank you for being a part of cyber Eri. I am, as always, your instructor, Joe Perry, and thank you for watching Internet python on cyber eri on demand
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