1.1 Introduction

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1 hour 27 minutes
Video Transcription
Hi. Welcome to Cyber Eri in Georgia seem tools. My name is Gabrielle Hempel and I will be your instructor today
a little bit more about me.
I am a Cyberia Lum with a background in neuroscience and psychology prior to that and moved into information security in June of 2018 as a security analyst and a sock.
I wanted to create this course in order to go a little bit more into seemed tools in some of the information that I wish I had had when I started in a sock kind of from scratch. Other than that, I do not yet teach any courses other besides this and my hobbies include driving race cars and drinking a lot of coffee.
I'm hoping that at the end of this video you'll be able to explain what a seam is. If you don't know you're in the right place, it's important to understand from high level. How do you seem? Tools? Because they do all very slightly.
You should also be able to name common benders and examples of seem tools and finally understand a day in the life of a stock analyst.
As faras prerequisites go, anyone can take this course, but you should pursue this, particularly if you have an interest in learning about logging,
have an interest in event management or just want to know more about regular activities in a sock.
In this course, we will utilize videos, hands on labs, quizzes and assessments and other supplemental materials in order to ensure your complete understanding.
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