How to Use DNSWalk (BSWR)


The DNSWalk tool is a Domain Name System (DNS) that is used to identify information on a list of IP addresses, as well as the corresponding hostnames that are stored in a specific server. This DNS zone transfer tutorial will show you all you need to know.

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Module 1: DNSWalk (BSWR)
Course Description

Who Needs to Use DNSWalk?

The DNSWalk tool is a Domain Name System (DNS) that is used to identify information about the complete list of IP addresses, as well as the corresponding hostnames, that are stored in a specific server. It works by using a DNS zone transfer. As the DNSWalk tool performs zone transfers of the specified domains, it checks the database in multiple ways for accuracy and consistency.

DNSWalk is a useful tool for IT security professionals like penetration testers. It is an area that should always be on the top of the list for auditing and monitoring because the DNS server is the gateway of an organization’s network to the Internet.

Why Use the DNSWalk Tool?

Due to the continually growing and advancing state of technology today, it is essential that IT professionals have all the tools they need to keep up. Perhaps even more important is the need for professionals who have the knowledge to prevent cyberattacks from happening. One of the tools that cybersecurity teams use to determine if DNS zone transfer vulnerabilities exist for the server that corresponds to the domain name, is DNSWalk. If there are vulnerabilities, users are then able to obtain useful information to resolve them.

DNSWalk is a useful tool for all IT professionals – an important one that they should all know how to use. The more an information security team knows, the better they can protect the companies they work for, often preventing vulnerabilities from advancing to cyberattacks. Adding DNSWalk to the cybersecurity arsenal an IT team possesses will help achieve that.

In the DNS zone transfer tutorial, you will learn the ins and outs of DNSWalk and exactly what it can do to help protect your organization. Enrolling is easy, just click on the Enroll button at the top page to get started with our DNSWalk tutorial.

Teaching Assistant Vikramajeet Khatri and Tahir Ibrahim

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Robert Smith
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