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Module 1: BSWJ: Cisco-OCS

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In the world of networking, few names are so ubiquitous as Cisco. Cisco devices are at the heart of many of the largest and most critical networks in the world, and the ability to work with and configure those devices is critical in almost every networking role.

But with ubiquity comes risk. Cisco devices being deployed at every level of the network means a vulnerability in those devices has the potential to be catastrophic. In fact, many of the most impactful security incidents start with a hacker discovering a device which still uses default credentials.

With Cisco-ocs, you'll be able to quickly scan an IP range to determine 1) what Cisco devices exist on that network, and 2) Whether those devices have any of thousands of common vulnerabilities, to include default credentials. In this video, you'll get familiar with this simple but powerful tool, and understand how to use it to improve your organization's security posture.

Teaching Assistant Vikramajeet Khatri

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Joe Perry
Senior Technical Instructor at FireEye, Inc

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