Securing Windows Server 2016 (MCSE) - 70-744

Practice Test

The Kaplan Securing Windows Server 2016 (MCSE) - 70-744 practice test challenges the student to demonstrate an understanding of how to secure Windows 2016 servers. This includes coverage of server hardening solutions, securing virtualization and network infrastructures, managing privileged identities, and implementing threat detection solutions and...

1 hour 30 minutes
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This practice test is appropriate for beginning students. This practice test allows you to evaluate your ability to secure Windows 2016 servers. You will be able to create custom quizzes, test your knowledge with flashcards, and create a study schedule. Working on the practice test provides solid preparation for the MCSE 70-744 exam, but it is also a great way of improving your ability to harden Windows 2016 servers. The practice test would be beneficial to students on the Information Security Fundamentals and System Administrator career paths. The most closely related work roles are Cyber Operator, Information Systems Security Manager, and Network Operations Specialists. The practice test will specifically help gain knowledge in server administration and systems engineering theories, concepts, and methods and help verify skill in server administration.

Quick Info

  • Skills :

Implement server hardening solutions Secure a virtualization infrastructure Secure a network infrastructure Manage privileged identities Implement threat detection solutions Implement workload-specific security

  • Time limit: NA - Practice Test
  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Work Roles: Cyber Operator, Information Systems Security Manager, Network Operations Specialist