Provisioning an Office 365 E5 Trial Subscription

The IT Pro Challenges, Provisioning an Office 365 E5 Trial Subscription Setup Lab, teaches learners to set up an Office 365 E5 Trial Subscription, necessary to complete the Microsoft 365: Identity and Service Challenges virtual labs. This lab provides learners a foundation needed for system administrator and technical support specialist roles.

1 hour
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This 30 - 45-minute virtual lab, for the beginner, creates an Office 365 tenant needed to complete other sessions in the Microsoft 365: Identity and Services Challenge. Provisioning, an Office 365 subscription teaches account management, network rights, and accessibility basics. IT professionals in an Office 365 environment benefit from this hands-on lab and others in the series, to administer an Office 365 tenant.

Upon completion, learners record Microsoft account and Office 365 trial subscription logins as a prerequisite for subsequent exercises. Furthermore, a PowerShell script sets up users and groups with access to the Office 365 tenant, needed to complete the lab series.

Sign Up for a New Microsoft Account

Creating a free new Microsoft account prepares the learner towards obtaining a trial subscription successfully, in the next step. The account accesses Microsoft online services, devices populated with Microsoft OS and developer applications. Since user permissions vary by what and how much can be accessed, each Microsoft account needs to be unique. Upon completion of this lab, learners must write down their account's username and password.

Explore Office 365 Subscription Options

Through this exercise, learners gain a peek into Office 365 Enterprise plans and products. Microsoft Office 365 contains software connecting employees and enhancing their performance. For example, Microsoft Teams lets its users chat by text, video, or phone. Also, workgroup members can attach project documentation, such as an Excel spreadsheet, to track project status or administrative documentation.

In addition to enterprise offerings, Office 365 takes into account home and small business needs. Plan information, including monthly and yearly subscription costs, displays from the Get the most from Office with Office 365 page. Customers can decide what applications and services they want, as well as the number of licenses. Almost all of Office 365 products have access to OneDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage so that files can be accessed virtually anywhere.

Deploy an Office 365 Tenant

Learners obtain free 30-day access to Microsoft Office applications, required to complete other labs in the Microsoft 365: Identity and Services Challenge. A specific company name, whose creation is guided through the lab, identifies your tenant. Learners keep track of their trial's user IDs and passwords for future sessions.

Create Users and groups by using a PowerShell script

Learners generate nine Office 365 users, with licenses through a PowerShell Script. Besides, the code sorts the nine entities into three security groups, selected on user account properties. Future on-hand labs require this setup.


With an Office 365 subscription, freely available for 30 days, and Office 365 login information recorded, learners can proceed to any one of the Microsoft 365: Identity and Service Challenges sessions:

  • Seven guided challenges:

--Use a Custom Domain --Manage Users and Groups --Manage Users and Groups by Using Windows PowerShell --Assign Admin Roles --Manage Passwords --Configure Exchange Online --Configure SharePoint Online

  • Three advanced challenges:

-- Can You Manage Multiple Users? -- Can You Restore Users and Configure Password Policy? -- Can You Configure Rights Management?

  • One expert challenge

-- Can You Manage Office 365?

Furthermore, lab users advance their knowledge in managing an Office 365 tenant, helpful for any IT administrator or support role.