The Understanding IDS, Firewall Evasion and Honeypots module provides you with the instruction and server hardware to develop your hands on skills in the defined topics. This module includes the following exercises:

  • Install and Configure ZoneAlarm Firewall
  • Install and Configure Snort
  • Using Anonymous Proxy Sites

Exercise 1 - Install and Configure ZoneAlarm Firewall

A firewall is a device that prevents unauthorized access to a host or a network either from within the corporate environment or coming from the public network like the Internet. Generally, there are two types of firewalls. A hardware firewall takes the form of a closed proprietary appliance with its own operating system. This is considered faster however a bit expensive. A software firewall is installed on a computer and it utilizes the computer’s operating system. Firewalls either hardware or software use rules to filter incoming and outgoing traffic to the network.

In this exercise, you will install a software-based firewall called ZoneAlarm Free Firewall. This software is a lightweight version of the ZoneAlarm PRO which has additional features and capabilities not found on the free version. You may choose to evaluate both versions and find out if they meet your firewall requirements.

Exercise 2 - Install and Configure Snort

Snort is a portable intrusion detection system (IDS) for Windows and Linux operating systems. This tool is capable of capturing real-time network traffic analysis and perform packet logging on TCP/IP networks.

Exercise 3 - Using Anonymous Proxy Sites

Corporate network environments implement strict security policies when it comes to using the Internet. Non-work related websites, such as Facebook amongst others are blocked. However, you can use anonymous proxies or Websites to bypass the firewall. Anonymous proxies are just a simple Websites that allow you to feed in the URL that you intend to visit. These Websites also keep your information anonymous when you visit other Websites. This means that your computer information, such as IP address etc. is not revealed.

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