The Understand Computer Storage and Data Types module provides you with the instructions and devices to develop your hands on skills in the following topics:

  • Explore Visual Studio Express 2013
  • Create a Visual C# console application
  • Work with basic datatypes, heap, stack and memory usage of different datatypes in C# console application
  • Work with arithmetic and comparison operators of C#
  • Manipulate strings and using built-in functions in C#
  • Debugging and testing the application

Exercise 1 - Creating and Debugging a Simple Program in VS Community 2013 IDE

In this exercise you will learn how to create and debug C# console applications using Visual Studio 2013 Integrated Development Environment (IDE). You will learn to develop basic C# programs that demonstrate the memory usage of datatypes, concept of heap and stack, basic operators and string functions.

Exercise 2 - Understand Datatypes and Their Memory Usage

Next you will learn to declare and initialise different datatypes in Visual Studio Community 2013 IDE with C#. You will also learn to identify the memory usage of different datatypes.

Exercise 3 - Understand Heap and Stack

You will now learn the concepts of heap and stack in C#.

Exercise 4 - Understand Arithmetic and Comparison Operators

Next, you will learn about the basic arithmetic and comparison operators in C#.

Exercise 5 - Understand Strings

Finally, you will learn about the simple string manipulations and basic string methods in C#.

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