The Route redistribution and filtering techniques module provides you with the instructions and Cisco hardware to develop your hands on skills in configuring route redistribution between routing protocols, this module contains the following exercises:

  1. Route redistribution basics
  2. IPv6 Route redistribution basics
  3. Manipulate redistribution using distribute-lists
  4. Manipulate redistribution using route-maps

Exercise 1 – Route redistribution basics

In this exercise you redistribute the routes between EIGRP and OSPF such that the NYCOREx switches will see the routes that are available across the WAN in the diagram below.

Exercise 2 – IPv6 Route redistribution basics

In this exercise you will configure basic route redistribution for IPv6 routes, again you will use EIGRP and OSPF, but this time we will use OSPFv3 and EIGRP for IPv6.

Exercise 3 – Manipulate redistribution using distribute and prefix-lists

In this exercise you will take route redistribution to the next level, using distribute lists to manipulate what routes are redistributed.

This is very handing, specifically if you are redistributing routes due to a company merger or you need to peer with a 3rd party but perhaps you have overlapping networks, or you want to restrict what routes the third party can see etc.

So far everything that is known in one routing domain has filtered in to the other. Now we will use redistribute lists to apply fine control over this process.

Exercise 4 – Manipulate redistribution using route-maps

In this exercise you will complete the distribution techniques this time using route-maps.

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