This module on Managing Database Storage Structures explores the concepts of logical and physical storage structure. You will also learn space management and the various types of tablespaces.

  • Creating and Managing Tablespaces
  • Performing Operations

Exercise 1 - Creating and Managing Tablespaces

In this exercise you will learn the following about creating and managing tablespaces:

  • Establishing connection to the database
  • Creating and maintaining tablespaces
  • Creating BIGFILE and SMALLFILE tablespaces
  • Working with Oracle Managed File tablespaces
  • Implementing extent management
  • Implementing segment space management
  • Choosing alternative tablespaces options
  • Creating temporary tablespaces
  • Creating UNDO tablespaces
  • Removing tablespaces
  • Modifying tablespaces
  • Obtaining tablespace Information
  • Performing operations on data files
  • Using Oracle Managed Files features
  • Querying data file information

Exercise 2 - Performing Operations

In this Exercise, you will learn how to:

  • Perform operations on data files
  • Use Oracle managed files features
  • Query data file information

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