The Manage DNS Zones module provides you with the instruction and server hardware to develop your hands on skills in the defined topics. This module includes the following exercises:

  • Create DNS Primary Zones
  • Implement Conditional Forwarding
  • Enable Zone Delegation
  • Configure Zone Transfer and Notify Settings

Exercise 1 - Create DNS Primary Zones

In this lab, you will configure DNS primary and secondary zones. DNS is an integral part of TCP/IP networking services since Windows 2000 server as it provides name location services for all computers in a Windows domain network.

Exercise 2 - Implement Conditional Forwarding

In this lab, you will configure conditional forwarding in DNS server. DNS server is hierarchical database structure of name servers located in the Internet. Whenever a name needs to resolved, the DNS server starts contacting numerous root name servers until it finds the DNS server that has authority for that zone being queried by the client.

Conditional forwarding can be used if an organisation has a direct working relationship with another organisation to facilitate name resolution between them.

Exercise 3 - Enable Zone Delegation

In this lab, you will configure DNS zone delegation to break up a large DNS infrastructure into smaller manageable units.

The scenario for this lab is PRACTICELABS.COM zone has become difficult to administer as it has multiple domains that are geographically distributed around the world. You will create a delegated zone and create an Active Directory domain for it.

Exercise 4 - Configure Zone Transfer and Notify Settings

In this lab, you will enable zone transfer between a Primary DNS and Secondary DNS server. You can likewise control how frequent zone transfer occurs by changing the properties of Start of Authority (SOA) in Primary DNS.

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