The Configure and verify tracking objects module provides you with the instructions and Cisco hardware to develop your hands on skills in configuring object tracking, this module contains the following exercises:

  1. Tracking interfaces
  2. Tracking and redundancy protocols

Exercise 1 – Tracking interfaces

In this exercise you will configure tracking based on interface state, as you will see this is quite a handy tool to have at your disposal handling redundant paths in your environment.

Exercise 2 – Tracking and redundancy protocols

In this exercise you will configure object tracking to change the state of both HSRP and VRRP active / master devices (depending on the protocol).

HSRP and VRRP are pre-configured in the lab, HSRP is running on NYCORE1 and NYCORE2 and VRRP is configured on NYEDGE1 and NYEDGE2.

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