The Configure, Verify EIGRP for IPv6 module provides you with the instructions and Cisco hardware to develop your hands on skills in configuring the EIGRP routing protocol using IPv6. This module includes the following exercises:

  • Configuring EIGRP for IPv6
  • Examining additional EIGRP for IPv6 configuration options

Exercise 1 - Configuring EIGRP for IPv6

In this exercise you will configure Cisco’s proprietary routing protocol EIGRP for an IPv6 network. This module will cover similar topics and configuration items as those covered in EIGRP for IPv4 networks module so you can compare and contrast the two.

Exercise 2 - Additional EIGRP for IPv6 Configuration Options

EIGRP for IPv6 functions much the same way as EIGRP for IPv4 as far as the additional parameters described in this exercise are concerned. Many of the commands are identical except for the substitution of ipv6 for ip.

In this exercise, you will examine these EIGRP IPv6 options, compare them to their IPv4 counterparts and learn how to implement them.