The Configure, Verify EIGRP for IPv4 module provides you with the instructions and Cisco hardware to develop your hands on skills in configuring the EIGRP routing protocol using IPv4. This module includes the following exercises:

  • Configuring EIGRP
  • Configuring and tuning load balancing
  • Examining additional EIGRP configuration options

Exercise 1 - Configuring EIGRP

In this exercise, you will configure Cisco’s proprietary routing protocol EIGRP. If you completed the OSPF configuration module, this module will cover very similar topics and configuration items as the OSPF protocol so you can compare and contrast the two.

Exercise 2 - Load Balancing

In the previous exercise, you configured EIGRP on three dedicated routers in the lab. In this exercise, you will use and amend this in order to configure and observe EIGRP load balancing. You will also see that, if you are not careful, you may not achieve an ideal traffic distribution across the network.

Exercise 3 - Additional EIGRP Configuration Options

In this exercise, you will fix the load balancing issue you encountered in the previous exercise where all of your routes across the lower bandwidth links dropped out of the routing table.

You will also observe the differences when enabling and disabling auto summary under EIGRP.