Ruby on Rails


The Ruby on Rails programming test helps to validate skills of the candidates related to Ruby programming on Rails framework. Topics covered are Ruby Basics, Control Flow in Ruby, Looping with Ruby, Array and Hashes, Blocks and Sorting, etc. Useful for hiring RoR Developer, RoR Programmer, Ruby on Rails Application Developer

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What is Ruby on Rails?

Rails is an application development framework that is written in the Ruby programming language. The framework was created to make programming web apps simpler by assuming certain things that a web developer needs to get started with an application. Essentially, Ruby on Rails allows developers to write less code while completing more, which is what sets it apart from other frameworks and languages. Many skilled Rails developers believe that it makes web application development more enjoyable.

Rails assumes there is an optimal way to do things, and it encourages you to do it that way, as it discourages alternatives. Once a developer learns to use the Rails way, productivity almost always increases.

What is the Ruby On Rails Online Test?

The Ruby on Rails online assessment test evaluates your knowledge of the Ruby programming language and the Ruby on Rails web app framework. It’s also a perfect tool for organizations to use for pre-employment screening.

Candidates who are proficient in Ruby development should be able to solve problems using the Ruby language, understand the concepts behind Ruby, and have experience with using Ruby on Rails APIs. This assessment, created by iMocha subject matter experts and presented by Cybrary, requires you to correctly answer questions about the Ruby on Rails framework and solve coding problems in Ruby.

The assessment for Ruby on Rails tests your knowledge of the following topics:

  • Control flow in Ruby
  • Looping with Ruby
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Array and hashes
  • Hashes and Symbols
  • Blocks and sorting
  • Blocks, procs, and lambdas
  • Modules and mixins
  • Metaprogramming
  • Working with files
  • Controllers and models

The Ruby on Rails assessment contains various types of questions, including multiple-choice questions, multiple answer questions, coding simulations, true and false questions, fill in the blanks, whiteboard questions, AI-LogicBox, descriptive, and audio/visual questions. This is a senior-level coding test that takes about 20 minutes to answer ten questions.

Who Should Use the Ruby on Rails Assessment Test?

The Ruby on Rails developer online test can be used by individuals who want to discover where their strengths and weaknesses are within the Rails framework and Ruby language. This can be useful when considering job openings that require specific knowledge.

More often, the Ruby on Rails developer test is used for pre-employment screening of candidates by recruiters and hiring managers. Like other coding tests, it allows hiring personnel to find candidates to interview who possess the skills needed to perform the job. Using assessment tests increases an organization’s interview-to-selection ratio while reducing the length of time it takes to complete the hiring process.

Find a Ruby on Rails Web Application Developer with Cybrary’s Online Assessment Test

Cybrary’s Ruby on Rails test is a valuable resource for hiring managers and recruiters looking to hire web application developers experienced with the Rails framework and Ruby programming language. The assessment evaluates the skills of candidates, identifying specific strengths and weaknesses even before the interviewing process. It ensures that organizations can choose the right qualified professionals in an unbiased manner – quickly and easily.

All of Cybrary’s assessment tests, training courses, practice tests, and virtual labs are online and available anytime. They are a convenient way for individuals and organizations alike to learn and validate key IT skills.

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