CISCO Networking

The Cisco Networking Test is a premium Cybrary assessment created by iMocha. The exam is designed to verify the networking skills of a CISCO Networking Engineer with a focus on topics related to the security application and maintenance of various networking protocols and equipment such as routers, switches, servers, etc.

20 minutes
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The Cisco Networking Test is a 20-minute exam intended for students at the intermediate level. To pass the exam, it is helpful knowing the basic concepts and protocols of computer networking and network security methodologies. Students that have this fundamental knowledge of networking will find that the time frame to complete the exam is reasonable. Completing the lab will help students develop skills in operating system administration and secure network communications. These skills are essential for the System Administrator, Security Control Assessor, and Network Operations Specialist work roles. The test will also ensure students can use network management tools to analyze traffic patterns and manage network security practices. These abilities are essential for the Network Engineer and System Engineer work roles. This lab is beneficial for students on the Network Engineer, and 50 CISCO Security Controls career paths.

Quick Info

  • Skills: Networking and network security methodologies, operating system administration, securing network communications, network management tools, network security practices
  • Time limit: 20 min
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Work roles: System Administrator, Security Control Assessor, Network Operations Specialist, Network Engineer, and System Engineer