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2 hours 37 minutes
Video Transcription
Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the course. So in the last video we talked about Ennis, look up
in this video. We're gonna go over who is
so for this lap, all you need is a Web browser. So it doesn't matter if you're using Google, Crume, Firefox, Internet Explorer, safari, et cetera, any of those air. Fine.
And all you need is any type of operating system as well. So it doesn't matter again if you're using Lennox Mac or Windows or some other operating system.
So for me, I'm gonna be using a virtual machine. And inside of that, I'm gonna be using my Callie one and then I'll use Firefox is my web brother. So again, there's no dependency on a particular browser or a particular operating system for this class.
So first things first, you just want to launch your web brother. Whichever one of choice you have again, I'm using Firefox here and in the search box, and I'm just going to Google and search in that way you can use, you know, yahoo or whatever. You're searched preferences. But I'm just gonna type. Who is
that is press the enter key there now what is should generally do At the top of the search results is pulling the website we actually want to go to, which is the ICANN website.
You'll notice the ones I mentioned that if you search for who is you get a lot of different results back. You know, so many of these can R R okay, sites where you can go look up the D. N s information on the name server stuff, but
not all of them are necessarily safe, you know, because you never know what you're gonna get. So generally speaking, I can is at least the one that I use. I find it to be the best one and generally the safest one to use. Of course, they could always be harvesting my data as I do so. But that's why I launched things in a virtual machine.
So little digression there. So we're gonna go ahead and move on with our lab. So once we find the website, we're just gonna go ahead and click on it to launch the actual page. It might take a moment of Soto pull up for us.
All right, So we've gone through steps one through three here And then we just went through step for where we clicked on the website. You see it there in the background
Now on this website in the background there, you'll see a little search box. So in there, that's where we're gonna actually type are targets. So in this case is gonna be that www dot Microsoft dot com.
And then we're gonna select a look up where you can also just click. Excuse me? You could just hit enter on your keyboard
so we're gonna type that in so www dot Microsoft
dot com And then again, either hit, enter on your keyboard or just click the look up. But
and what it's gonna do is make us verifies. I mentioned earlier that we're not a robot, so you'll see here on the screen. It says, Please confirm you are not a robot. Obviously, we're not robots, so let's go ahead and we'll just check the box here
might take a moment or so, and sometimes it will pop up
a little box and make you choose, you know, like traffic lights or, you know, which photos have the cars in them or whatnot
a lot of time, so If you've done that the first time, then you shouldn't get that test anymore. It should verify that you're actually human. But again, you know, if you're clearing your browser cache or something like that, they may request that every single time you see in my case that it just immediately kicked back the results.
So let's go back to our lab document.
So we've gone through. We went to a Google search on Yahoo are being, or whatever your preference is there. We looked up. Who is? We found the ICANN website for who is? We opened it up.
We went to the search box, which was in the center of the page. We typed in www dot Microsoft are calm.
We selected that the look of button or you just pressed enter a new keyboard.
And then what he did next is it prompted us to make sure we were not an actual robot or anything.
So we went ahead and confirm that Yes, I'm a human.
Uh, and then once we do that, you see here in the background that we have some results on the page. So a couple of questions
Question number one. What kind of information Do you actually see in the results?
All right, so let's take a look here and see what we actually see.
What we see. You know, of course, Microsoft And we kind of knew that, right? We were searching for Microsoft dot com.
We see a mailing address here, and that's, you know, depending on the size of the company, that may or may not be helpful to us. Obviously, we can quickly google search and find out where Microsoft is. But if it may be a cent smaller company, this might be beneficial information to us.
You also see that we've got a phone number there, a fax number and email address. So, you know, there's some generalized information we could get. Now, obviously again, a big company like Microsoft is gonna have layers of stuff that you would have to peel back.
But a smaller company that we're targeting
this may be very beneficial information.
Some of the other things that we see here, of course, the register.
So we see who they using for the registrar, you know, and we see our contact information's will. So again, you know the domain admin. Here's our you know, Send the mailing address here than any mail here. Here's our phone number. If you want to call and ask questions or a fax number or email domains at Microsoft dot com. Now
it is possible that we could use something like, you know, domains of Microsoft dot com and spoof it and use that in some capacity. But you know, generally speaking, this particular information from a large company like Microsoft is not necessarily the most beneficial stuff to us. But again, we just want to take a look at it because it's something you know. It's a free tool. It's easy to use, and it's a quick
thing that we can use to potentially get valuable information on our targets.
And as we screwed on the page here, you'll also notice that we have a couple of names servers listed here as well,
and then just some basic information. Here. Again, we're going the fewest records you'll see again. We have our address in here phone numbers, et cetera, et cetera. You know the domain register, which is the Mark monitor
and all Microsoft's information in here.
Let's go back to our lab document.
All right, so we took a look at the kind of information that we had seen in the results. Right. So we talked about we were able to find an address, a phone number of fax number, even email address name, server information. So some, you know, some decent information that could potentially be useful for us.
So question number two, how do you think that a criminal hacker could actually use any of this information in an attack?
And I kind of gave a hint to that earlier.
So as I mentioned you know what? The email address? We could certainly spoof that and potentially use that an attack. Another thing we could do is use the phone numbers, right. So we could take that phone number, call up and speak to whomever the domain register is for Microsoft when he sees me, The domain administrator.
And we could potentially get information from them on certain configurations. Now again, going back to the aspect, give it a large company. You hope at least that the individual, the other end of the phone would be a little more security conscious and not give you valuable information over the phone.
if you're gonna social engineering. This may be a good avenue for you to get that additional information.
And then, of course, you know, we have our name servers which may or may not be beneficial, depending on what we wanted to start targeting to actually gain access to the the target.
So in this lab, it was very brief. But we just went over using the Who is website again. I use the eye can one in this particular lab. And as you noticed when we did, the search results are as many different. Who is options for websites? But again, I usually I can one. It's kind of the main standard that I use.
We went ahead and looked up Microsoft dot com, which again in through most of this course, is our target company,
and we won't have to look them up. And then from there we took what we confirmed. We were not a robot. And then we confirmed the information that we got back and thought to ourselves. How could a criminal hacker actually uses for their benefit?
So in the next video, we're gonna talk about showdown so short and is actually known as the hackers search engine, one of many, obviously. But that's commonly called a hacker searching, so we'll take a look, a showdown as well as some other search engines that we can use.
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