Who Needs VPN?

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welcome back toe and use a VPN security course in this lesson, I will be talking about who needs VPN and why.
So first used VPN and the biggest one is for companies.
Um, when I said biggest money, I mean the amount of traffic going through VPN when you look at the companies is much, much bigger still in the world than what compared to what is used by individuals.
So the companies use we pian for two reasons.
One is to connect between different geographical locations. So you listen the previous lessons. You understood that the alternative is to have a leased line
and it's used in small offices where this line is too costly.
Um, because it makes no sense. Still, for example, if you have a small bank branch with, you know, 10 20 please,
it would be ridiculous to
just paid additionally to this line because you're probably already using some kind. You have the Internet location in the connection on that location in the building,
so you just need to apply the VP in there.
Also, there are locations released line is not accessible,
and also you want Teoh, for example, if you have if you're having the office in the different country. Somewhere in the developing world, you can provide some kind of Internet connection. But getting the least time for Metallica operator is almost impossible. Then use this
still waistlines used them today when you need very high speeds off connection
because we p and sometimes can be not so reliable. But, uh while waistline is 100% stable, or at least it should be.
But essentially it is used to connect different locations to a central network. And if you do that properly, you basically have people working on these locations the same way they would be. They were in the same building and connected with wild wired wires and of the line connections there. BC's
and the other very important reason is to allow workers to access network re multi from anywhere. So if you are working from home like many people are doing now, because I'm recording this course in the middle, still
in the middle off
CO. With 19 epidemics,
many people who have started working from home,
and if the company doesn't have BPM for their employees
implemented, then their communication is not secure, it's not safe, so it's a huge security risk.
So if you have ah ability to log into BPM and you work from home, or if you are
field sales or our field, the repairman or something like that, then you need Internet to log in your unit connection. To log into the application, saying okay have righted the customer site and I have finished repair and I can go to the next one.
If you have VPN, then the whole thing is very secure. If you don't have VPN, your whole thing is very, very
eventually very high security risk.
So if your individual use VPN for two reasons, so bpd individuals also your weapon and they are using commercially available VPN services
and the reasons why they want to do it. They are
basically there are two reasons there. One is the additional security because then what? What is going from your home to the VP and
providing provide their service, provide their company. All the traffic is encrypted, so if somebody is
eavesdropping on on the traffic you're making the like. For example, if you're using by fire your home. If somebody is listening to your by five, they don't see anything because traffic is scripted.
Also, if you don't want anybody to know your location while physical, geographical location while you're doing there,
you may be, for example, somewhere in Europe and you connect to your VPN provider and then in Texas on the Internet.
Um uh, in the United States and for some reason, we you need to be seen by the other side that somebody who is physically located in the United States then that's the reason why you know, needed.
But the main reason why VPN is used by individuals privacy because then whoever is listening like Big brother, meaning some kind of government entity.
Essentially, it doesn't know what you're surfing there. What? But what? You're looking at the Internet on dso on,
because all the traffic between you and the point where you're exiting on the Internet is encrypted And that point maybe in the other country and simply unavailable toe people in your country that want to spy you and doesn't have to be some government entity can be somebody who is maybe, or business competitors er and
finds a way to
just read your emails like that or something like that. So you're basically
you have much more privacy when using VPN is in the region
on the statistics show that because the percent of people in the developed democratic countries that they're using a VPN on the regular basis is 2 to 3 times smaller than in countries where government is implementing some kind of censorship or
oversight over Internet
because then if you using VPN, they simply don't know what you're doing. And the need for this kind of privacy is much higher in the country, for people simply don't trust the government's.
Okay, so we have finished this lesson and let me just do a quick cleaning. Check the question for you. What is the reason for companies to use VPN for work? Is it to secure communication? Is it to allow workers to one award work 10 or more hours a day?
Or is it to prevent family members from reading business email?
and the right answer is
secure communication. This is the primary reason the fact that the people are now able to work securely from home makes their managers push them work more. But this is not the main reason. The main reasons toe have secure communications.
Okay, so in this lesson, you have learned the reasons why companies use VPN and why individuals use VPN and essential your land that everybody needs BP in today,
just the reasons they're different
on. And then the next lesson I'm going to talk about the benefits of using we've been, which is very closely related matter to what you have learned in this lesson.
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