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Video Transcription
Hi. Welcome back to Module nine. This is the final lesson 9.5. Where to go from here.
So remember these bullet points as we work through him.
Practice makes perfect. If you don't use it, you lose it. So take what you've learned and apply it or further develop your skills by practicing more advanced concepts of sequel so that you can retain the information that you've learned and be able to apply it when you need it professionally. Taking advanced course
Cyber doesn't currently have one,
but they are looking at implementing one down the road based on the popularity of this course. So it's very possible that we may have advanced sequel course later on
practice. Your query optimization optimization really helps formulate a deep understanding of sequel. You just won't be able to look at and write queries, but you build a fundamentally understand how effective they are. You'll be able to identify inefficiencies before even running the Explain command,
and you'll really know how to fix quarries
that aren't running well.
You also want to practice database development,
picking the RD for some purpose and then create a database that supports that purpose for example, you could do a store could do a post office. You could do, ah, military assignments
and finally try to apply what you learnt. Do you have a database that work will get in there in query it. If you want to be extra safe, you can always a sign read only access, and no one has to worry about accidental changes.
And finally, congratulations. I had a blast sharing my knowledge, and I hope to see or work with you again in the future. Thanks again and have a fantastic day.
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