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Video Transcription
Hello, everyone. I'm instructor Gerry Roberts, and this is Power Shell. Scripting
this video, we're gonna talk about what power shell is a brief history of power show
and how power shell is actually used.
So what exactly is power show?
Power shells, a command line shell and scripting toll. More specifically, a shells. A user interface for an operating system that could be a command line
or what Most people are used to a gooey based show where you can click around it, interact with the interface. Now power shell is command line based, so you'll be doing a lot of typing
power. Shell allows you to perform tasks by using commands,
for example,
adding a user too active directory using the new Dash a D user command.
It also allows you to create scripts to automate tasks such as deploying configurations of multiple machines or virtual machines. Here, you can see what power shell looks like. Now, in this picture, I have modified the text color. But for the most part,
Power Shell is going to look like this where you just have a bunch of lines attacks
so brief History of power show
now. Originally, Microsoft used either Commander E X, c or c MD dot t x c First command line interface
Some of you may remember older interfaces that had to do with DOS and things like that. That's what the command thought xy ncmd Dottie XY did. Unfortunately, these air very limited in what they can do.
So Microsoft tried their hand at fixing this by using V B or visual basic script to complete tasks that CMD and command line just could not do.
This took a lot of code. I mean, a lot very, very many lines.
So they worked on making something more efficient and started. Project Mona Dad back in about 2000 and two. But it wasn't until 2006 when Power Shell 1.0 was released that the world got to actually see Power Show
when Power Shell was released. It was released for Server 2003
Server 2008 X, P Service Pack two and Vista. We're now on Power Shelf. I've put one and Power Shell Corps 6.0, and 6.1
so brief History of version
Power Shell one came out in 2006 and again was server 2003 and 2008 as well as Windows versions for X, P and Vista
in 2009.
To point out came out, and we were able to use that on 2008. Are, too, and Window seven.
About three years later, we had three point out, which gave US Server 2012 and Windows eight.
Another year later, 2013 we had four point out, which gave US Server 2012 R two and Windows 8.1
2014. 5.0 came out and allowed us to work with Windows 10.
Now, more recently, 2017 5.1 came out. This allowed us to work with Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Server 2016 and other NUIT orations of Microsoft products.
Now you might have heard me earlier. Talk about power shell and power Shell Corps versions. Power Shell Corps is actually the newer in aeration of power show. It's supposed to work on more systems than just Microsoft based systems. You can run it on Windows Lennox and Mac systems.
Future development is focusing on more Lennox distributions, such as I ot operating systems like raspberry pi.
Currently, power shells course 6.1 supports armed 32 devices with support form or in the future
going forward Microsoft plans and eventually replacing all instances of power shell with Power Shop court. However, that isn't something that is 100% so there is something you will need to pay attention to to see if they do,
you know why Does version ing matter? Well, there's an issue of version. Each version of power Shell supports different commands and different groups of features,
so you might need to choose something different for what you need to accomplish than what is currently with your operating system. To do that, you can get other versions of power shell at Microsoft on their power cell site at Https Colon, Ford's Life Force Flash Docks
Microsoft dot com
forward slash e n dash US for sash Power show. Now, if you're not in the United States, you can go to your Microsoft site for your country. Look up our shell and it should be one of the first results power shell corps
he's actually available on get hub. So if you need core instead of going to the Microsoft site, you can get it on, get hub so on Get home. You can search for power shell, or you can make your way to get hub dot com forward slash power cell
forward slash power show
and over here again see what that repositories looks like. There are actually quite a few files in here, including documentation. So it's not just the binaries and the things that you need to get power show working.
So what is power shall use
earlier? We talked a little bit about that, but let's sell a little bit further. One of the biggest uses of power shell is automation. So when we're working on our servers, there are a lot of tasks that we need to do on a regular basis.
Now, during those tasks,
takes up a lot of time,
and that could be things like pushing configuration changes to multiple computers or updating accounts.
Those kind of things, if we did them individually, just would take forever so we can use Power Shell to create a script that will, wrong on a regular basis, toe automate what we're trying to do.
Partials also used for creating other types of scripts such as log on Scripts, log on scripts could do things for us, like set the desktop on a computer set, permissions on the computer and other things.
Client and server management. Remote management tasks are one of the biggest things here. We can remotely manage client and server machines using power shell using whim or C m. I.
We can also use power shell for information gathering such a CPU and system information. So if we need to go and find a bunch of information about a particular systems in our network, we can use Power shell to deploy something to grab that information for us.
Power Shell can also be used for computer documentation, such as logs more specifically like event long security logs and other windows locks.
So time for a test.
If you wanted to use power shell on a non Windows operating system, which version would you use?
Would you use Power shell 3.0,
would you use power Shell Corps 6.0,
would you use power shell 5.1?
Or would you use power show four point out?
Now you could pause this video, but I'll give you a second to figure out the answer, and then I'll give you the answer.
All right.
The answer. Power Shell Corps, six point. Oh. Now, guys, remember Power Shell Corps is the version that is used for windows and non windows systems.
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