What is Credential Access?

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hello and welcome to another application of the minor attack framework discussion today. We're going to beginning into what is credential access Well, to jump right in credential access is the phase in the minor attack framework where a threat actors attempting to steal account names
on passwords. And so the primary focus here again is going to be
account names and passwords. So there are different ways in which a threat actor can get this information. A few of the primaries were going to be key logging, credential dumping and stealing from Web browsers and things of that nature. So when you get malware or some type of
script that gets run on the system, it can scrape those credentials and take that all back to whomever is trying to collect them.
So within the credential access phase of the framework, there are a few areas that will focus on with respect to getting into the particular vector and some information within it. So we're gonna talk about bash history, brute force credential dumping, and, as we mentioned stealing Web session
cookies as it's listed, it still Web session cookie.
those are the few areas that we're gonna hit within the credential access phase of the minor attack framework. And so what? That I want to thank you for your time today, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.
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