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Welcome to Cybrary. Congratulations on taking that next step towards advancing your career goals. My name is Ryan, and I'm the CEO of Cybrary, the premier cybersecurity professional development platform. Cybrary puts the collective knowledge of the cybersecurity industry's top experts in leading organizations at your fingertips. And while there are many companies that provide online training,
we take it a step further by helping you develop skills aligned with real job opportunities.
Now that you've created your account, I encourage you to complete your profile. This will enable you to showcase your skills, experience and achievements for organizations on Cybrary. Next, browse our catalogue and see what piques your interest for those just starting their career or looking to make the transition from IT To Cybersecurity, I recommend you check out our introduction to IT & Cybersecurity course,
where you can learn about the four primary disciplines of information technology and cyber security
for those more seasoned professionals, I suggest you take a look at our Enterprise Security leadership courses, which aim to develop the critical skills Cybersecurity leaders need to be most effective. Finally, I invite you to take a look at our guided career paths that provide learning opportunities tailored to specific roles. Such as SOC Analyst, penetration tester, Cybersecurity engineer
and CISO among others. Our career paths can help you find your passion for that perfect next step in your career journey and will enable you to gain the knowledge, skills and experience you need to land your dream job
with Cybrary, success is right around the corner. We can't wait to help you achieve your goals. Let's get started.