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In this module, participants will learn about Web Application Testing. Web Application Testing is an important part of the field of information security and is a popular specialty among programmers.

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all right, we're gonna do just a little bit of weather application testing.
I imagine there's an entire end up course and maybe even two
for Web application testing that I encouraged you to go to next certainly can't cover everything. So we're just going to look a little brief. Overview of some of the key points of Web application testing. Give you
the foundation, if you will, for continued study of Web application. Testing's kind of give you an idea of Maybe this is a field, but you would like to spend a lot of time with. I find that most people
have some area or maybe two areas that they spent most of their research time in, You know, there
good enough at other areas. But since information security is so big, we generally have a specialty or two that we
spend a good deal of our time becoming position and even moving that field forward through research

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Georgia Weidman
Founder and CTO at Shevirah and Bulb Security