Vulnerability Scanner Set-Up and Configuration Part 4 Lab

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10 hours 55 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in the last lap video, what we did is we went ahead and logged into Kelly Lennox. We ran The Nano command creative file puts on my address is in that file with and save the file we la Renta command to launch open Voss eso basically pseudo open vase, stash start. And then from there
we came to the green bone page and again if he didn't launch for you,
make sure you just launched Firefox and go to the u. R L That's provided in the step by step guide as well as the instructions on the right side of the screen here.
Once we loved into Green Bone. That's where we stopped the last video. And now we're gonna pick things back up with setting up some of the configuration as well is actually running are open voss skin.
So let's go ahead and do that. Now the first thing we're going to do is hover are mouse over topic invigoration and then select targets. Once we get to the target screen, we're gonna select this little icon that's blue with a little star in the center on the left side here.
Let's go and select out. That's how we can select our new target
for the name. I'm gonna name this as corporate devices.
And honestly, if you're doing this lab, you can name it whatever you choose to you. But for simplicity's sake, I'm gonna name a corporate devices
in the common area. I'm gonna put
these devices. Are these are devices on the network?
You're so I can leave a comment. Like what? I'm Why am I scanning this? What is this stuff? I'm standing here
and again. You can find all this in the step by step guide.
So the next thing we're going to do is under the host section. I'm going to select the
from file option and basically browse to the file that I had created. So you see here it selected as manual, I'm gonna select the from file option and then just browse to my file that I had created before.
All right, so all you have to do it. Your should say, saved in the same location. At least I should have just go to the student folder on the left side and find the scanning target list option and then just select the open button here.
All right, so that's basically gonna force it to use that listing of i p addresses that we had set before.
Then finally, we're just gonna click this create button at the bottom,
Could take a few seconds. So to create that for us
next, What we're going to do is we're gonna go back up to the top. We're gonna go to scans this time,
and we're going to select the task options. So that second option down there
and similar has what we have done before. Let's just x out of that little pop up you get there. We're gonna see use the same icon here
to select a new task.
So now we're gonna Neymar scan. So we're gonna be running a scan now we're just gonna name it. So I'm gonna call this one's corporate scan.
And then in the comments section here, I'm just gonna put skinning corporate assets
down here under the scan config option. Just make sure it's selected a full and fast. It should be by default. But that's what we want to keep it out.
And then also the skin targets again by defaulted should select the appropriate one. But make sure it's corporate devices or whatever else you had named your targets, and then we'll select to create button. You'll notice that we've got our scan created here. All we have to do to actually run it and select this little play button. So this little green button with a white arrow in the center
that's gonna go ahead and start the scan for us.
All right, So once the skin is completed again, it might take a few minutes to run About five minutes or so, you'll see a list of the vulnerabilities to look at the's a little further. Just select it and it's gonna give you some basic information about that particular vulnerability. What did it actually find? What does this mean on Did you just go Google toe? Learn a little more about those particular vulnerabilities.
So in this video, we just went ahead and wrapped up our lab on using open Voss. So we just ran a simple scan after we
set some configurations on the particular file we wanted scanned I P addresses Aziz well as naming our skin
in the next set of labs. What you're gonna notice, as I mentioned before, is that I just give a high level overview of what the lab is about, and you'll need to walk through those labs on your own. So again, there's a step by step guide for those labs in the resource section of the course as well as there are instructions on the right side.
Very important for those labs as well. Make sure that you checked those boxes
on the right side of the lab to actually get full credit for the lab.
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