Virtualbox Demonstration Part 1

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41 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello. My name is Dustin, and welcome to virtual ization and operating systems.
In this demo, we're going to be installing Oracle Virtual Box and creating our first PM using Callie Lennox. One term I may not have mentioned yet is O. V A, which is an open virtual appliance file. These air used by both Virtual Box and VM, where
and they contain a pre built A virtual machines. You don't have to spend much time configuring. It's ready to go right out of the box,
so there are a few requirements to follow along in this lap. First Julian. Any host PC running Mac clinics or Windows? You'll also need an Internet connection, which is going to be required to download. Ah, this case Oracle Virtual Box since it is free and you can get that from virtual box of dot org's
and you'll also need an operating system, you like to virtual eyes, which in this case we're gonna use Callie Lennox, which you can get from www dot offensive dash security dot com. And I will go ahead and show you where to get that again. We're gonna be using that O V a file. Since it is
pre built. It's gonna be a lot faster
then going through a full installation. But once you download your O V A file, remember, you do need to extract it and get just the O. V. A. Fox's to come a zip files. So let's go ahead and go to offensive Dash security dot com.
And here we are.
And so, in order to get the Cali Lennox O V a file, what we're going to go ahead and do is just go up to this Callie and more Callie Lennox downloads, and we're gonna go to virtual images.
And here it takes us right to the VM wear and virtual box images. And so we're gonna go ahead and make sure you do click virtual box since we're going to be using a virtual box in this lab. So click that and go ahead and download the 64 bit version,
which you can get
just by clicking that and starting the download.
All right,
So, as you can see, I've got a virtual box downloaded here, and this is the installer file. This is R. O V. A for Callie Lennox. I did get it in the ZIP file, which I then extracted to get just the over a file. I also grabbed a Cali Lennix ice so as well, which you can use to in
build your own virtual machine.
But let's go ahead and Saul Virtual Box Super Easy. Um, again, this is on Windows, but just double click it,
and when it load for just a second,
he pulled us up to a top monitor.
All right, so as you can think, it's just a normal setup wizard. Like any other software the you'll install. So quite click next,
and this just gives you a couple options if you want to change how this is installed, um, we want to make sure networking yet so we've got our networking installed,
so go ahead and click next.
Uh, I don't like any of the stuff. I do like to leave register file associations that will use thes like the O. V. A files automatically registered to go with virtual box. So go ahead and click Next again.
It does give you a warning that your network interfaces are going to be disconnected. That is completely normal. It needs to turn them off, so it can create the virtual ones. So we're gonna go ahead and click. Yes, proceed with installation
and install.
And this does take just a few minutes.
Um, go ahead in here. Yes. Here.
All right. So I'm gonna go and let that installing. I'll be right back with you.
All right? So the insulation is actually pretty quick. It went through that. So as we can see here, it's check to start it going and click finish,
and that will automatically start Oracle virtual box.
Mean drag this right up here.
All right, so now we're going to go ahead and install our Callie Lennox
using that O v a file. So what we'll need to do?
Yeah. Lt's go ahead and go to hoops or the mouse
file and then imports appliance.
And right here it tells you what it supports. And that's any anything in the ovf file family. So it's been go here, but our desktop
and we'll grab that O v a
and hit next.
As you can see, Pretty fills all the stuff out for you. And it tells you everything that it needs to see youse two gigs of Ram. Your DVD
does have network adapter,
and it tells you where it's gonna put that.
All right, So glad and hit imports,
and they will import that file.
It looks like it will take a little bit of time, so I'll go ahead and fast forward this portion so we can continue on.
All right. Now that we've got our county of the next guest machine all installed, let's go ahead. And I like to just double check the settings. So if you just click it to highlight it and then right click,
we go to settings.
I just want to make sure everything is set to how I like it here. You can actually name it. Um, I'm just gonna leave this one as the default here.
Um, if you hit the advanced town, we can check our clipboard in Our dragon drop is bi directional. We'll need to make sure the guests conditions are installed to be able to use that, though. But let's just go ahead and go through our settings and see what we've got. So on our system, you can see it looks like
we do have two gigs of memory. Um, let's go ahead and give it a little bit more.
Um, so we'll give it four gangs, and you just double click it, um, and then just enter as much as you'd like to give. Um, looks like the first option. The boot orders. The hard disk will go and leave that the same because we're not going to change anything there.
Our display looks like we're giving 120. Makes up video memory, one monitor, that's all fine for now. Here's our storage devices. Everything looks good here.
Audio networking. We are an added, so we will be able to use the Internet on this.
So, Yeah, it looks like everything is good here. So let's go ahead and just start the machine. And you can do that by double clicking or just clicking the start button here.
All right, now, here we go.
Bring it up. Here it is. Starting
as you concede starts right up
and we're gonna let it load with Doesn't look like guest editions is No. There we go. We do have the full resolution, so it looks like it is. It does have the correct video drivers and everything. So we are good to go.
And of course, with Callie Lennox. That default user name is Roots with a password of tour T O R. Just roots backward
way are signed it. So, as you can see, this is a version of full version of Cali limits here running on
Minimize all this my regular Windows PC.
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