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4 hours 53 minutes
Video Transcription
welcome to vault fundamentals. My name is James Leone, and I will be your instructor for the next few hours
in this video, I'm going to introduce you to the course.
Starting out. Let's discuss some of the prerequisite knowledge.
It's important you have a good understanding of cloud concepts and architecture. If you don't have that, check out the cyber Recourse Cloud architecture Foundations and then come back.
You'll need to have an awareness of cryptography. You don't have to be a crypto expert, but certainly understanding what is encryption? What is decryption?
Be familiar with the principle of least privileges and other concepts regarding access, control and identity and access management.
It's important that you're comfortable using the command line. We're gonna be doing a lot of lab activities, and a lot of them will be taking place on the command line
having exposure to http. What are you RL's? Your eyes get pushed post and delete methods.
Not necessarily known the protocol, but understanding what all these terms are there gonna be a big help? Of course, If you have experience using rest Ap eyes and you've worked with Jason before, that is going to be a huge plus going into this course
since you're gonna be listening to me for several hours a little bit about myself. I've 20 years of experience working in i t leadership roles. App, Dev. I've done developing myself working in operations, managing operations teams, managing application development teams,
primarily working in biotech and health care industries, along with experience in the entertainment industry of a bachelor's degree in computer science and a variety of acronyms, certifications, certified information systems, security, professional
cloud certified security knowledge
and certified scrum master.
So hobbies. I like to travel. I like coaching youth, youth, sports, educating. I like hiking and, more specifically, a really enjoying mountaineering when the opportunities arise. And a fun fact about me. I am fifth generation to be born in San Francisco,
and that place has changed dramatically over the time.
Um, certainly, even in the last 20 years with the tech boom feel free to reach out to me on linked in. I would love to hear from you. I'd love to hear about the course. I'd love to hear about the company you work at and what technology is doing there or even talk about your own career. path and
understand where in this grand a realm of security and the even bigger piece of technology, your interests lying and where you're going.
So who is this course targeting? It is really well suited for those involved in application security, even software engineers that want to be competent in application security. Whether we're talking cloud native software, APS connected things I, O. T. Or any other type of software.
It's also valuable for technically inclined software managers and directors
who wanna keep their finger on the pulse of technology. They want to understand considerations regarding security and secrets management and some of the architecture and design principles that you can incorporate
and finally application architects and system architects who wanna make sure that information is kept secure within their applications and systems that they're designing and building. They wanna make sure the wrong things don't get out in an unencrypted format. They want toe also continue to design this in a way that
the threat surface is constantly evolving and changing, making it that much more difficult
for a bad actor to penetrate their system.
learning objectives. For this course you will learn the motivations for secrets management. Why do we do it?
You learn how to recognize problems that vault is well suited to solve. We're gonna talk about vaults application design.
You're gonna learn how to administer, configure in use vault. And you're going to do this through a lot of hands on lab activities.
You'll find several valuable resource is and references so that you can continue to use vault and expand your knowledge of vault. Even after you've completed this course, we're gonna cover a lot in this course. So don't let fundamentals lead you to believe that it's just simplistic.
We won't cover all the topics necessary for the vault associate certification.
That is a certification that Hash Corp announced they would be putting together and releasing in 2020. So if this does resonate with you and that is something you want to pursue, this is definitely a good stepping stone to building the knowledge that that certification is gonna expect of you.
And finally, we're doing a lot of hands on lab activities. So I've posted supportive materials to the following Get hub project, go ahead and clone the repository. You'll find the documentation includes links to a lot of valuable reference sources,
as well as the commands that were running. So if you're less inclined to want to be typing everything and maybe you're more of a cut and paste style person,
you can certainly take that documentation. Cut and paste these commands into the terminal and save yourself some typing.
And that wraps it up for this introduction of very excited to introduce you to vault the product what it does, its capabilities, how you get it to do the things you wanted to do and ultimately increase your security posture of your applications, your systems, the way you manage secrets as a whole.
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