Validation (True or False)

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Video Transcription
hi, everyone. In the previous video, we talked about password managers with a little demo, and in this video, we'll talk about validation. Is something true or false?
You will learn how to differentiate true from false information, where to start with the fact checking tools. Unfortunately, we live in the age of fake news and misinformation and disinformation.
So true or false is a great question when data arrives at in her table.
Sometimes you find that everybody's saying the same thing, and as you look closer, you find that it really comes from just one source. So that would be my first advice. Check different sources. You need to be able to raise your sources and determine. Are they valid? Are the credible? Is this something I can vouch for?
How do I rate these types of sources out there?
I also encourage you to check out the fact checking tools, the toolbox action on Google and on the side belling cat. Actually, Belling cat is a great resource for you to learn how to do fact checking. Since there are a handful of guides and case studies regarding the subject,
I will mention one example of checking
somebody made a tweet that potentially looks untruthful to you. The thing you could do is to match up the tweets with supposed location where the person should be. This is not a perfect concept, but it could potentially give you an idea off the true false concept.
Try the tool tweet map from Omni Side, which is a massive database of billions of tweet. Records are coming from across the world. You can search by hashtag user name, location and so on. Results appear as blue dots on selected the geographical area and you have interesting filters to apply.
I encourage you to check it out.
Lastly, in this video we went over data validation is something true or false and where to start with the online fact checking tools. And in the next video, we will make a module summary. So see you there
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