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Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to this breaking stuff With Robert episode today. We're going to be talking about unicorn Scan
now the objectives of this lesson or to provide you with a high level overview of Unicorn scan and provide you a demo of how the tool can be used. Our target audience is here. While not limited to these folks, are system administrators looking to quickly find systems in a sub net technical support specialist troubleshooting network connectivity issues
and penetration testers looking too quickly test systems for known vulnerable ports
while not required. These prerequisites would definitely help in understanding the tool and its use cases, fundamental knowledge of port scanning tools, fundamental knowledge of TCP and UDP protocols and a fundamental knowledge of Cali Lennox command line utilization. So with those things in mind, let's go ahead and jump right into our demo.
Hello and welcome to the handy dandy sick machine
demo environment.
As we were talking earlier, we're getting ready to look at the unicorn scan now. If we go ahead and do a quick H here, we can get all of our syntax with respect to kind of a quick overview.
There's a number of things you could do with this tool, much like in map. It's used for, you know, discovering what ports are open on the system. You conduce, um, host resolution, things of that nature. And so you conduce just a straight
just skin of an eyepiece in this case will use, um, our inexplicable box.
Let's go ahead and conduct the skin on that.
Now let's say that you accidentally forget to do something here,
and it tries to scan.
It's pretty quick to tell you, you know, that it's missing something there, that it can't scan an I P address
so it gets an error and kind of put sent out there so it may take it a second or two, but it will let you know when something's not right.
So in map, you know, has a lot of flexibility and a lot of things that does. But it's known for being somewhat slow when you do larger scale things. Unicorn Scan does have a bit of speed to it when it comes to scanning and what not really. We're talking about network scanning the larger scale scans here,
So if you wanted to do a very specific scan, of this I p
you can do dash
in for mode and tea for TCP and then you can do dash I ve to do immediate feedback. It's for both weaken Do dash h to do some d n s resolution on then we'll do that. Same i p
as you can see here,
we get a bit of additional feedback and information
that it's open
and then attempts to do some resolution as well. So it shows you the ports that it scanned
shows you the results of that. So something that could be useful here is taking this file and piping this output to a text file so that we can have no, you know, when we're showing the client Hey, here's everything that was tested. Here were the things that were found to be open. Um,
And then from there you can do a little additional digging and prodding on each of these areas where it found on open port.
So for those of you, also that would like to dio like a full network scam with the tool
instead of doing like a specific I p, you can actually do the cider notation on the end I don't have a lot on this network, so I'm not going to run this through, But that'll allow you to scan the full network. So now you can do that
particular set of scans, do some D. N s resolution and whatnot across the entire network.
And then you can ask me said, take that piping out to a file
and then it'll do its thing in the background and running, you'll get your outputs over to the file that you see here
and so really flexible. Got a lot of things here that were just touching the surface on. But this tool is just an additional flexible information gathering tool that you can use to do speedy network reconnaissance or specific targeted scans that say, if you're looking for a vulnerability that some unknown band port
s So I hope you enjoyed this demo. Let's go ahead and jump into our summary slides.
All right, so I hope you enjoyed that demo of unicorn scan. And in summary, we've provided you with a high level overview of the tool and a demo of how the tool could be used.
So with that in mind, I'd like to thank you for your time today. And I look forward to seeing you again soon.