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Video Transcription
Welcome back In the last video, we learned about what ocean is, and in this video we will talk and learn about the ocean types.
When we talk about types of hasn't from a security perspective, it could be divided into two things. Offensive and defensive absent, the good guys and the bad guys
inoffensive. Absent, the bad guys gather and learn about their target before the attack.
The defensive off wasn't gives an insight what influence potential attacks could happen, so you could make an informed decision based on that info.
Remember what chosen means
information that will allow you to make an informed decision. Both of these ocean types give opportunities to both the defender and the attacker. Also for both asides, preparation is paramount.
For example, you have a company, and you can learn about weaknesses off your company and actually fix them.
But at the same time, bad guys could also learn about them. And that is one of the main reasons why good security practices. And I would say, overall, I t. Posture quality is very important for an organization or a company,
since we're talking about the company also have to mention that many companies might think of their documents, which are shared online. Toby Rather okay,
and we call those documents the great literature
because it includes written information not intended for public use.
Sharing can easily result in the documents ending up where easily founded by Internet searches or searches through the trash. I recommend for you to check out Dumpster diving.
Great literature includes technical reports, working papers, offers, invoices, unpublished works, newsletters, business proposals, requests for proposals and so on. Olsen is also used to determine which organizations to attack which organizations have something off. High value
is the cost of stealing those high value items worth the return.
What is the best attack vector for specific organization who are the best targets for a phishing attack or other types of social engineering? In this video we went through, What are the chosen types? And in the next month we will go over who uses Ossan. So see you there
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