The Internet of Things (IoT)

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another topic bursting onto the scenes today is Iot, the Internet of things
with the Internet, of things, the ideas, everything is network ready and network capable. That gives us so much easier to use with these personal assistance games that are accessible and being able to be configured through WiFi connection, but will also give us all of these issues.
There's always going to be security considerations. Often we have cool technology that comes out, and then all of a sudden we say,
Oh, it's so insecure, is it?
You can see that just from a handful of these Jeep being hacked through its Bluetooth system, ring doorbells and ring doorbells get rid of them. They really are a security concern as far as privacy goes.
Then again, anything you put on the network can be accessed through your network. If we don't have firewalls, if we don't have protection, if we don't have strong authentication, then we just have this wealth of services waiting to be compromised.
The Internet of things is much more than having Alexa to track your grocery list. We're again seeing everything, every environment, really taking advantage of this. We have smart cities now, where I can pull up to a parking meter based on a tag on my car, I can automatically be debited parking.
I've got general use for controlling lighting systems, large computer based systems, inventory control just on and on and on even the deployments in healthcare monitoring with the Internet of things.
Again, these personal assistants and home monitoring tools are everywhere.
What we have to consider is as handy as some of this is. Surely there aren't any security considerations, right?
Of course, we built these to be secure from the ground up, but we know that's not true.
We look to understand what vulnerabilities are out there. It's always good to know where to go.
It's always good to have a trusted, reliable source.
Oh, W A S P is one of those.
Ow SP stands for the open Web Application Security Project
to present a top 10 list for a lot of different types of technology.
They primarily focus on Web applications
Every few years. They update their top 10, and here are the most common vulnerabilities with Web apps.
They also talk about other application security.
Then, in 2018, they published the top 10 issues for the Internet of things. This is not testable.
For instance, you're not going to get a test question. What's the seven most common issue with the Internet of things? However, I do want to go through these. I'm not going to spend a lot of time on them, but I do want to communicate some of the vulnerabilities that do exist.
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