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2 hours 19 minutes
Video Transcription
welcome to student out of privacy fundamentals. This is the course overview.
A basic understanding of federal regulations and data security procedures is beneficial but not required for the course. The only prerequisite is an appreciation for potential online risks and a commitment to securing online data from such risks.
My name is Ivy Nelson. I am the education technology manager for a public school district outside of Kansas City, Missouri.
I have over 11 years of experience in public education, from teaching high school to teaching teachers about using technology. I have lots of experience with protecting students in a digital age, so I am excited to teach you more about data governance. Ah, fun fact about me is that I took my hobby of baking and turn it into a part time business selling custom decorated sugar cookies.
This course will cover many data privacy policies and regulations, and the links below will give you more thorough explanations of the major ones we discussed throughout the course.
While this course will share specific examples of student data privacy as it relates to K 12 public education, the course has beneficial to anyone working with student data, whether that is with a public or private school or even with 1/3 party vendor that sells to educational organizations.
This course will help you to understand federal regulations regarding on my data, including for but and Copa created did data governance policy for your organization and create supplemental documents for your data governance policy, like an asset inventory process or a security breach policy.
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