Social Engineering Lab (Phishing) Part 1

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2 hours 37 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the core. So in the last lab, what we talked about was doing some reconnaissance on our target. So we went through it, looked at Philips Social Media profile. I gathered information about him.
Now we could do the same thing with different executives or employees of a particular target company. So, for example, like Microsoft, we could connect with different people on social media that work for Microsoft and potentially use that information to better target the company.
In this video, we're gonna talk about fishing. So we'll do a fishing lab and take. And then after this video of the next video, we'll just be a course of rap.
So let's go ahead and get started. Now. You will need access to the cyber lab environment for this video for this lab as well. So just keep that in mind.
So go ahead, log into cyber if you're not loved in already, and we're gonna select catalogue at the top left of the page which every already actually done here, and that gives us our search box on the left side. Now, you can also just click the link that I've added to the lab document here. So you can go straight to this particular lab or you could search the word fishing like I'm going to do.
So go and type fishing in here and just press enter, and it will pull up all the fishing labs for us. So this right here is what We're looking for this fishing, and then we're
start now, Button,
it's gonna take a moment or so, but it's gonna launch the lab for us now. Sometimes it takes, you know, 10 to 20 seconds to launch the lab. But will it should go. Hopefully pretty quickly.
You'll see here. We already did. Step four, we located the cyber score fishing lab. Which again? You couldn't just click the link here. And it would have taken you to the page where you could click the launch button,
you know, or they start now. But it may be labeled a little differently if you go to that link versus searching for fishing.
All right. So you'll see in the background. There is. I was talking away. It's pulled up the lab for us. So here we're here. In step six. We see that the lab is launched and then we see a next in okay, option to close this particular pocket Papa box. So we click on next,
and then we say, OK,
and it still kind of booting up the lab so we'll give it some time to finish booting that portion up for us.
So once it finishes booting up in the background there, it's gonna take us to the log in page for Callie lyrics. So Step seven here were taken to the log in screen. We're just gonna use the default username and password for Callie Limits. So we use route for the user name and then we use tour. So T o r for the password.
And again, that's pretty much across the board for Callie Lennox. Unless you change the password.
That's generally speaking gonna be your default years, the name of password
now, sometimes in like a sandbox environment, like we're in right now, sometimes you know the particular vendor or whatever might put a different password and user name. But in most cases, it should be the root and toured.
All right, it's always talking. They're finally pulled up in the background for us, so we're gonna go ahead and log in. So again, wreak,
get enter and then tour T o r. That's gonna log us into our Callie desktop.
All right, so two step number 10 here right up. Open a terminal window. So we'll click that little black box icon on the left side of our screen, and we'll give it a second or so. It looks like it's taken a moment today to pull up. There we go.
All right, so we're gonna launch our terminal window in them will continue moving on with her left.
All right, so you go and click on that.
So the next step here is we're gonna type in SC tool kit. So we want to use a social engineering tool kit for this lap. So Essie too. Okay? And this comes preinstalled on Kelly Lennox,
and you see, it's gonna take a moment. So
All right, so it takes ah, moment to pull us up here. Now we get prompted here and you'll see in the background in prominence that hey said is out of date. We don't really care about that for our lab. So what is going to say? Enter on And it might take some time for it to actually register once we press the enter key, So just go ahead and press enter. And it might take anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds.
Possibly even, like, 5 10 15 seconds.
You'll see one. As soon as I mentioned that, it takes like a second, which is fine.
All right, so let's move on to the next part of our lab.
So we have to agree to the terms of service in order to use his tool. So, you know, we're just gonna type of capital. Why there and then it press enter on the keyboard to accept the terms of service.
So it's going to do that now. So this type of why
it hit, enter. And now we're inside of the social engineering tool kit so we could specify the top of attack that we want to do.
All right, so we're in a tight number. One at the props were here it Step 15. We want to do a social engineering attack.
And there were the type one again at the next screen to select a spear. Phishing attack is the attack type that we want to do.
So we're the type of one here. Press enter when they see spear. Phishing attack is the next prompt. Here, we're gonna press one to select it and just press enter again.
Let's go back to our lab document.
So now we're a step 17. We're gonna type one again so we can select the perform a mass email attack
and then if the next screen will type the number 16 So let's go and type one here. So we're again. We're selecting the performer mass email attack.
And then we need to specify how we're actually doing this. Right? So what kind of document do we want to do?
So here. Step 18. We're gonna type 16 to select El Adobe. Pdf embedded Execute herbal social engineering attack type. So what is typing and 16? Thankfully, we don't have to type in all that Furby Ege. Just type in 16 and it'll select it for us.
Let's go back to our lab document.
So now we're gonna type here and step 19 were to type in the number two to select use built in blank, pdf or attack. So let's go and do that. Now.
Just press enter.
You'll see it gives us several different options here to pick from.
We're here. It step 20. So we're just gonna select the number one that's gonna give us that reverse TCP shell for windows?
All right, so it's type in one press enter
are. So now it wants us to give it an I P. Address for the listener. So
we're gonna type in 102.168 dot 1.5 in there. So one understood at 168.1 dot 5192.168
up. Wound up five.
If I type things correctly, that will help us a lot better.
Let's try that again when I know
fat finger and stuff today. All right, here we go. I think we are on the right track. Let me just confirm that's the correct 1 91 6815 That should be correct. All right.
My fingers are cooperating again.
So we'll enter that for our I p address.
All right, So what we're gonna do is we're gonna press enter a second time, them and that's, uh uh we're gonna type that at the port to connect back option.
So it seems like it's taken a while. They're there. We go sometimes have to type in a couple of times, and now we're at the port to connect back on option.
What is gonna type the enter key again? There. We want to select a 443 which is the port number it's got for us there.
So what is pressed? Enter on a keyboard.
It's gonna take a moment. So it's telling us that the payloads generating
all right, so it might take a few minutes here. Hopefully, it doesn't. It usually just takes, you know, anywhere from 10 to 15 seconds. But it may take a couple of minutes for the payload to actually go ahead generate. You'll see it running in the background there with continuous messages that the payload is generating.
Now. This particular lab is not necessarily
related to foot printing. So much, you know, it's it's one aspect weaken. Do as faras an attack type to then get information about our target. But I do want to show you the SC tool just because it's a valuable tool inside of Kelly Lennox.
So again it's not completely applicable is part of a footprint in process but it is a just a fun tool to use to take a look at it. So I really just wanted to kind of give everyone a taste of these different tools that we can use in a penetration test and this particular course.
So you see, as I was kind of rambling, they're a bit we see in the background. It's actually going ahead and pulled up our
command prompt again for us. So
what we're gonna do now is it wants to know. Do you want to keep the final name or do you want to change the file name? We, of course, want to make it pretty and special. So we're gonna say to to that so we can change the file name.
So what's the new file name? Well, let's look at our lab documents, see what we've chosen. So here it Step 25
we're gonna type in PC fix dot zip
dot pdf. So, again, we're type in PC fix
dot zip
dot pdf.
All right, so let's go and do that now, So PC fix.
So again we're trying to do here is we're trying to fool the end user to think that this is like a legitimate, you know, fix. Right, So, PC fix dot zip dot Pdf Now, most people are smart enough, Thio. Looks like Kelly's fighting against me. There
is. Get that back up there. There we go. Uh, most people are smart enough to realize what you're doing if the file's name like this. So Attackers are generally more creative. But
for our purposes, this file, they will work just fine. All right, So once we thought that in just press enter on your keyboard,
we'll go back to our lab documents. So we've typed in the enter after we talked and then the file name. So now what we're gonna do is we're gonna type in one and then one against Well, type in one. Enter on, then we'll type one again.
All right, So one we're gonna select the email attack with a single I p address. Excuse me? Single email address on then number one again did use a predefined template.
All right, let's go back to our lab document. And before we do that, I'm gonna pause real quick. We've got just a little bit left, but I want to stop that. Since we're coming up on 10 minutes, so we'll pause the video here. We'll pick it back up and we'll finish out the rest of our lab.
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