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2 hours 41 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the core. So in the last video, we wrapped up our lab in this course in this video, we're just gonna do our conclusion and just put a final touch on this course. So congratulations on making it to the end of the course.
So in this video, we're just gonna talk through the course, wrap up, talk about some of the things we've covered in the course as well as some other suggested courses. After this one, if you're continuing to be interested in penetration testing.
So in this course we covered the basics of social engineer we talked about That is really a psychology game. We also talked through some different types of components of social engineering. We talked through different types, so things like fishing, whaling spearfishing, hoax ing etcetera
on. But we also had a couple of hands on labs where you got to play around with the social engineering toolkit or commonly called set.
So if you like pen testing, if you found this course interesting, some sort of next steps for next courses for you on the Cyber East site are things like the fishing course so that we actually have a course dedicated to fishing gets you really, really hands on with it. We also have a course called USB Drop Attack. So we talked about us bees
in this particular course. And so this course will actually show you how to set up your own
malicious USB to use for drop attacks again, making sure that you have actual permission in writing to do this type of testing. Or you could at least set it up for your own personal use.
We've got the penetration testing an ethical hacking, which is a very basic level
pen testing course. And it also helps you prep for the EEC Council sort of unethical hacker exam. We've got some more advanced pen testing courses. So things like the offensive penetration testing which will help you prep for the SCP, which is the offensive security certified professional certification. And then we've also got an advanced contesting course,
among many others. Right? We have things like a post exploitation hacking.
So a lot of different pen testing courses out there, things like end map so really, really vast catalogue also encourage you if you find this type of stuff interesting to consider joining the pen tester career path. The penetration tester Career path will incorporate many of these courses in it
and give you a really, really well rounded education and skill set
in penetration testing.
So as always, thank you for watching this course and I will see you in the next one.
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