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Video Transcription
the everyone Welcome back to the core. So in the last video we talked about what is the Suma Logic Cloud Native Machine Data Analytics service. So again, we're focusing this course on running it with AWS.
In this video, we're to talk about how to sign up for a free trial account with Suma Logic. Now, I want to stress that the demo labs in this course are all done inside of a pre built demo environment. So you will not have access to that. But you can adjust your own data into your free trial account and take a look at this particular solution. And we have
helpful information in the resource of section of the course to show you how to ingest data.
So all you have to do is come to sumo logic dot com. Now, we do have a step by step guide on these few steps we're gonna be taking here. You can find that in the resource is section of the course. But I'm not gonna go through that step by step in this video. So just go to sumo logic dot com. That's s, um o L o G. I c dot com.
Once you go to the main page, they're on the right side. You'll see a start free trial button.
Go ahead and click on that,
and then you're gonna fill in your contact information here. Now, you notice that requires a business email address. So if you if you don't have one, what you'll need to do is figure out a way to get one. So maybe you get a website Domain has set up an email address or something like that. But most people could just use their one from work to get signed up here
again. Just make sure it's okay with your employer.
Once you sign up, select your plan. So they've got several free trials you can choose from. You could choose a completely free version or just a free trial of either enterprise or professional. We're gonna be using the enterprise version in the demonstrations, but you don't have to use that to follow along.
Once you sign up and agree to these agreements, you're going to get an email confirmation from them. Make sure that you check your spam folder to keep an eye out for that. Once you confirm your email address, then you'll actually be able to log into your account, and that's what we'll take a look at and the demonstration. Parts of this course will be loved in already,
and we're walking through the actual solution.
So in this video, we just covered how to actually sign up for a free trial account. In the next video, we're gonna take a look inside of the sumo logic dashboard.
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