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1 hour 14 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we just wrapped up a brief discussion on what sets in. Hijacking is is, well, some ways that we can help prevent against it, including things like encryption
in this video where you go ahead and start our lab. So you will need access to the cyber lab environment to be ableto actually do the hands on lap here. And I also want to mention that this step by step guide is available in the resource is section of the course. So be sure to download that you can follow along. That way, if you feel I go too fast or too slow in this video, you can go ahead and follow along at your own pace
to perform the lab.
So all we need do is make sure we're logged into the cyber, a site which you should be if you're watching this course and there would be searching for the company a pen test plus bundle lab. So we're just gonna type in pen tests plus
and that will go ahead and pull it up for us. It'll be this one right here. The practice labs virtual lab. Now, we're not gonna be doing all the labs in this bundle, but the lab that we're looking for is actually inside of this bundle. So go ahead and click on it.
And then at the screen here, you'll select a launch button, and then finally, the launch item button actually launched a lab environment.
Now, it may take a few minutes for it to go ahead and launch the lab there
and you'll see we have several options on the left side here.
If we scroll down our step by step guide here, Step five, we're gonna be looking for the exploiting network vulnerability. So that's the lab we want to use
and what is going to select that one right there
and then select the start button to start the lab?
The next thing we need to do is boot up all of our virtual machines. So the way we do that is we just cover our mouths over top and select the power on option for all of these.
And it's gonna take a few minutes to boot all those steps. I'm gonna briefly pause the video and come back once all of my machines are booted up.
All right, so once all your virtual machines are booted up, you'll see it says on right here. And that's how you know all of them are up for you. So let's go back to the step by step lab guide here. So we've grown ahead, and we selected the exploding network vulnerabilities lab inside of the pen test plus lab bundle. We selected the start button, actually start the lab. We booted up those virtual machines,
and now we're gonna connect to the Cali Lennox machine. You'll see by default, I'm actually connected to it already.
But if you're not, go ahead and connect to the P Lab K L I 01 machine. So it'll be this one right here in the center.
Won't you connected that
you're gonna select applications here at the top,
you're going to select sniffing
right here, sniffing and spoofing. And then finally, you're gonna select theater cap option.
Now, just keep in mind that sometimes a lab goes a little bit slow. So you may just want to be patient with your mouse cursor here to make sure that it's selecting the appropriate menu options.
All right, so we've connected to enter Cap. Not what we're going to do is we're gonna select the Windows eight machine, so it's gonna be his P lab. When 810 grand. Select that one there.
And then we're just gonna open a command prompt once we've gone over to this machine here.
So following along here were down here at step number 11. So we've connected to the P lab. When? 810 machine. We're going to right click on the start menu here, select Iran, and they just run the command prompt. Open a command prompt window, and we're gonna be performing. Some are poisoning.
So just right. Click down here at the bottom left,
select run and then type in cmd and just hit. Okay.
Arsenal were at the command prompt. Here. We're just gonna type in art face, Dash A.
All right, so that's just going to show us the I P addresses along with the Mac addresses for our table. So let's go back to our Kelly Lennix machine. Where to select a P lab.
Kelly 01 again.
And now we're back at her cap. So if we go back to our step by step lab guide. You'll see we're down here
in step number 15.
So what we're going to do now is we're gonna select sniff and then unified sniffing
so a sniff and then unified Sniffing this top option right here.
And we just want to verify that E T. H zero is the interface and it should be by defaults. We're just going to say okay to that.
Next, we're going to select the host option here at the top
and then select the scan for host option down here in the center.
All right, so it's gonna go ahead and scan for our hosts. Let's go back to our lab guide here.
So now where we're going to do is we're going to be here it Step 18 were to select host and then host list.
So it's going to do that. So, host of the top again and then host list
I'm just gonna list all the host available for us.
I wouldn't want to do is we're gonna go ahead and go to the targets menu, so select targets
and then current targets.
And this is where we can specify the different target I p addresses that we want to use.
So in this example, we're gonna use Target number one. We're gonna select our first I p address here, so we're gonna be typing in 1 92.1680 dot five.
So let's go ahead and do that.
So we're gonna select the add button here,
and we're gonna type in 1 92.168
0.0 dot five and then just select the okay button there to add target number one,
and we're gonna follow a similar process here for a target number two, We're going to select the add button here. On this time, we're gonna type in an I P address of 100 to 168.0 dot 10 So you can type it all in again if you want to where you can just remove the five and type in 10 there
and then the same thing here to say OK,
let's go back to our lab guide.
So we've gone ahead and added in our targets, the next I'm going to do is actually perform the are poisoning. So down here in step number 24 we're gonna go ahead and select men in the middle and then are poisoning from the menu options here.
So let's go ahead and do that will select man in the middle
and then our poisoning.
All right, so the next thing we want to do is just make sure that
we check the box to the left of sniff remote connection. So go ahead. Just make sure that is actually checked
and what you've done that select the okay button there.
So now where we're going to do is we're gonna connect back to the Windows eight machine. So we're gonna connect to the P lab when 810 machine.
And if we go back to our lab guide here, you'll see we're down here in step number 26.
So we're gonna clear here at the command, prompt. And then we're gonna do our dash again.
So type CLS to clear that and select Enter That'll clear the command prompt there on, then just type in art space. Dash lower case A.
Let us show us our table again.
All right, so, neckwear. Next, we're going to connect back to our Callie Lennox machine
and we'll go back to our step by step lab guide here.
So now we're here it step number 30.
So let's select plug ins and then manage plug ins at the top here,
and then we're going to select the check poison option. So this one right here, we're just gonna go ahead and double check that
parts. Let's go ahead and close a plug INS tab here.
And the next thing we're going to do is we're gonna go back to the P lab when, 810 machine.
And this time we're gonna go to a website, and we're gonna actually enter in some user name, user name and password to see if we can go ahead and capture that information over in our Callie machine.
So let's go ahead and open Internet Explorer by clicking the icon here. The task part
And in this you are ill. You go back to our lab guy. We're typing in this u R l Right here. So, http colon forts last ford slash more 92.168 dot 0.104 slash b wap Let's go ahead and type that in.
So, http Colon, Ford's last ford slash r I p address 1 92.168
0.0 dot 10
and then four slash b
and that should take us to our log in page here and in the log in page. We're gonna be using the user name of B and the password of Bug. So let's go ahead and type that in. So be Haulover case
and then bug bu GI all lower case
and we'll go ahead and log in.
All right, so you'll see It goes ahead and logs. It's in there.
Now, before we move on now with our lab guy, we're gonna go ahead and stop the video here and we'll pick things back up in the next video. So studio to recap in this video we went ahead and launched our labs. We loved into the pen test plus lab. We went ahead and chose Theo exploiting the network vulnerabilities lab. And then we went ahead and launched our various virtual machines.
We also went in and we've poison the AARP cash.
And now we just went ahead and loved in. And the goal here is to try to get thes user credentials to pull through on her cap.
So in the next video word and go ahead and take a look at our results and see if we've been able to successfully capture those user credentials.
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