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it is. Module will be going over domain. 13. Security as a service will begin by defining what that is and its characteristics, or view the major benefits and concerns that it brings
and then finish off reviewing the major categories of security as a service offerings.
From here till the end of the video, we're gonna cover the definition and then some of the key characteristics of security as a service.
So security as a service also abbreviated as second as it is delivered as a cloud service. And this could be delivered by specialized cloud providers, specific SAS type solutions or past solutions. And it's often bundled as a service and capability
with major cloud providers such as AWS,
azar, G, C, P and so forth. It could be used to secure either cloud environments
on premise environments or hybrid environments, so itself runs in the cloud. But you can use it to secure a variety of paradigms,
some of the key characteristics of sec ***.
It is a security product delivered as a cloud service, so once again, a cloud service kind of a SAS offering. It's not infrastructure as a service. It's not a physical appliance there are physical plants is that to security, those would not fall into the category of seconds. It really needs to meet the essential NIST characteristics.
And if you don't recall, we actually discussed the NIST characteristics back in domain one.
Do I have a image here? At the bottom of the slide outlined the deployment models, the delivery methods and then, of course, those essential characteristics on demand. Self service ubiquitous network access also considered broad network access. Rapid elasticity, location, independent resource pooling
and it's a measured service.
So the more you use, the more you pay, the less you use, the less you pay.
I was a quick video, but let's go ahead and have a quiz. Where is enforcement of seconds Security policies most likely to occur on a physical appliance attached to your private corporate network
on infrastructure managed by the seconds provider
on a virtual application. Running in your eyes environment that you manage. Give it a thought and the answer is B. Remember the key thing. It is cloud based, so yes, there are physical appliances. You can connect to your network that will provide security, but the key thing and be is its infrastructure
managed by the seconds provider. That's that's a key characteristic of software. As a service. This is a software service.
To summarize this video, we went over the definition of seconds and covered some of the key characteristics of it.
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