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Video Transcription
welcome back toe and use every peon security course. And in this video, I'm going to talk about general safety off BP in
And I'm going to talk about safety off we peons that you use for personal use, like everything I'm going to talk about. This is Darryl. Module is about you going to use some kind of ah
above available VPN service that you can pay for and then use VPN from your home computer or personal device,
like mobile or tablet.
So what is safety? Safety consists of two things data security and data privacy and I have been talking about these things before,
But let me just give you some other things about security.
one thing is about encryption. How many bits are in the key of the encryption or how many bits? Encryption is long and this is very important because in the past, 128 bits was quite enough. But today you have won 24 or 2048
Oh, or even longer
systems off security.
Eso This thing is very important, and you should try to find what kind of security is using. Why? Because there are systems that can at least find the key for this is not long enough. So they can. They can essentially break into your VPN or listen to your VP in communication. If
your encryption is not good enough,
and the only way for you to measure the quality of encryption is to look at the link or off the key, or how many bits are using.
Then I mentioned that before you should look at the VP and kill switch. So if there is no kill switch, then you need to be
always aware of the fact that you're maybe VPN connections gone. So usually in the in the
somewhere on your screen, you have the indicator that you're repeating connections working, and sometimes your client will tell you your VPN is down. Sometimes something just some light will change the color from green to red, or or two grey or whatever. Sometimes it's simply not good enough
Then you should be aware that your VPN providers should give you DNS leak protection because sometimes sites you connect to on if you want to avoid that, it's very important may find the way toe to look, to see your Deanna's
the information, even if you're connected through VPN. So if you want to avoid that,
then then you have a problem.
And when it comes to protocol they're using, my suggestion is that you look at those VPN providers that use open VPN or l two TP plus I please nothing else today is good enough,
so open VPN essentially uses SSL TLS on. Some providers are using l two TP plus like the SEC, it's a little bit more difficult to implement. But if you're Justin throwing their agent than usually the implementations automatic.
So these things you should look when when you when you talk about safety of Europeans. So because there are some BP ends there, which are not using good enough encryption or they don't have a kill switch or their DNS leak
protection is bad. They're using some other protocal than those two,
and then you have a problem. So these things actually happen on a daily basis. People use these services and that they don't get the safety they needed.
When comes toe privacy, as I mentioned before,
do things are very important that your provider doesn't has a very serious data privacy statement that you can read, understand, and that gives you a certain level of confidence. My suggestion is to read
the most popular VPN service providers to look at their privacy statement and them if you
I want to choose them somebody else, then to see what they are offering in terms off content of the data privacy statement that they put the privacy statement looks
finicky or it just doesn't look legit. Then you should skip it.
Also tried to find if there is a visible now logs policy. So no logs. Policy basically means that they are not walking what you're doing a value on online not even,
you know, like temporarily while you're in session. Because if they're not doing that, then there is no way that they can share this information with somebody else. If there is no no logs policy, then I would be suspicious and say, OK, let's keep this
this, uh, VPN provider. I don't want to have anything to do with them.
Okay, so we are at essentially the the end off. Whatever I had to say in this course, Onda, let me just ask a question. Uh, what privacy issue is the most important one. Is it key? Logging is the
a number of country location which you can exit to the Internet Or is it just the logging off your behavior online?
And if because I mentioned it just before the answer should be simple, it is the logging. So if if BP and service provider is logging your things while you're online than this information might be shared with somebody, and then you lose the privacy you actually wanted.
Okay, so in this video, I have covered essentially some fine details off VP and safety.
And the next video, I will do the recap off this this module
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