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Video Transcription
Welcome to module to point to review privacy program job descriptions
in this module,
we will analyze privacy manager job descriptions from the U. S. Will analyze privacy manager job description from the UK and will analyze privacy manager job description from Australia.
Here's a job description
from the United States. You can see here the location is Washington, D. C.
And there's a healthy salary associated with this privacy manager position.
What's important to note are the items that are identified that the privacy manager for this organization
would be responsible for. You can see here, assistant and manage the preparation, maintenance and implementation of data privacy policies and standard operating procedures,
all of which we will cover throughout this course
deliver data insights and trends throughout
the organization. In order to support privacy by design. We'll talk about PBD later in another module, but it's important understand how privacy is baked into
the design of not only your programs but applications that your organization may create or use
developing processes for on boarding view of vendors and compliance with privacy requirements is incredibly important.
Also reviewing existing vendors,
implement used privacy impact assessments or P A. S. And architect solutions to drive P A S and D P A s at scale in conjunction with I. T. And supply management.
Not an easy task, but something that a privacy manager is required to do here in the US in most cases,
develop it based solutions for processing data subject access requests,
partner with cybersecurity, it regulatory affairs and enterprise risk management to help manage risk exposure. We covered in module 2.1 the importance of reducing risks to prevent a data breach, which is also included in this job description and maintains a professional and technical knowledge by attending conferences, educational workshops reviewing professional publications, establishing personal networks.
I really like this bullet because this organization is telling candidates
that it's incredibly important to make sure that not only is your knowledge kept up with privacy matters as regulations continue to change, but also that you have the means to attend workshops
and also to build your personal networks to help you get some insight on how to better run your privacy program.
Here's another example of a privacy manager that I pulled in from a linked in
job search. I'm not going to read through all of these bullets here, but I'm going to point out a few of them.
One here. The second bullet lead the privacy council, addressing new challenges, evolving our policy decisions and help a large cross functional group make decisions on how best to maintain our position as one of the location. Intelligence Industries privacy thought leaders,
that's an interesting bullet. It tells me that this organization already has an existing privacy counsel if they do if they don't, they're very serious about establishing such counsel so that you have other functions or departments with an organization included. That's incredibly important.
Also in the middle of the slide here, we can see that
um the global privacy framework, something that this course is certainly promoting, that we understand how privacy operates throughout the globe and different
uh different countries and different territories that you make sure that you're communicating with others to include privacy elements that may be from the EU for example, G D P are the U. S. Canada Mexico Australia.
So also there's trade publications here that you can see that you need to be familiar with. Uh They may have the trade organizations may have privacy related
uh education and content that could apply directly to your industry that may not be available or necessarily highlighted in other industries. Uh so it's neat to see that this organization is promoting
uh the need to be a part of external organizations to help keep your privacy knowledge up to speed.
Here's a job description from the U. K. I circled here based in London, UK. And and we'll see that as you read through this job description, that a lot of the requirements from the U. S. Job descriptions are here, you'll notice some similarities with UK english and US english.
However, what's important to note here that this is a privacy program management uh involved position and they're looking for that privacy program manager to lead the privacy program. So again, it tells me that they're either uh planning on building a program or they have a program in place which is need to see.
They're also looking for some
uh folks with strong interpersonal skills and project management skills. So for all of those out there who are familiar with project management, this is a position that they ask privacy program managers to have a good understanding of, of project management, whether it's uh more uh like the agile, more trendy
and more applicable to technical projects or if it's your traditional project management methodologies, it's important to maybe ask those questions in an interview, but you can see here that project management something they're asking for
um in these subsequent bullets here, some of the basics they cover for managing the program
are are very similar to those in the US
they do specify here, communicating to different types of audiences both internally externally. It's nice to see that they recognize that their privacy program not only addresses concerns of stakeholders within the organization, but also outside of the organization as well.
Here's your job description from Australia
and we can see here that the senior privacy officer, uh so they've got a more elevated role here, uh but the responsibilities are the same.
The key responsibilities providing privacy advice to the organization, undertaking all activities related to the development, implementation, communication, maintenance, adherence to our organization's policies and procedures in compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements in Australia and other relevant jurisdictions is something that's included.
That that is an important number two bullet that they have for the this position.
Also, we can see here that reviewing amending precedent documents relating to privacy, including privacy and data security clauses and precedent agreements is important. So, uh they need to work with vendors and the agreements throughout the organization is something that's highlighted here as well, which is also very common
for job descriptions not only in the US and UK, but also Australia. And these
types of requirements for job description is very similar to other areas. For example, ASIA and other organizations or or countries excuse me that have
privacy law
or heavy privacy regulations
to to make sure that you're keeping up with
the regulations that could impact your relationships not only with your customers but with vendors.
So quick question time privacy manager job descriptions are fundamentally the same and may change slightly due to the region of the world. The position is in
sure false.
Well, the answer is true. There may be subtle differences, but for the most part of the privacy manager, job descriptions are going to be fundamentally the same throughout the world.
In this module, we reviewed three different types of job descriptions from around the globe, and we discussed similarities and differences in those job descriptions.
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