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9 hours 59 minutes
Video Transcription
This is it. This is the final video. Congratulations for making it here. Gonna cover some tips, tricks and walk through the specifics of getting you set up to actually take the CCS K exam. You're going to start out by creating an account on cloud security alliance and registering and purchasing your exam tokens. There.
Just a side note that there is a free waiver for us military veterans.
You don't have to pay the exam fee, and I highly encourage you to set a date. Put something on the calendar, put a goal. Something that you can go ahead. And, Chief, don't just say I'm going to take the exam. But actually put it on the calendar. Markoff, that time that you're going to go and do that
so you don't be labor and put it off and then subsequently forget a lot of the information that we've talked about and we've learned.
Keep in mind you do have to attempts to pass you. By the token, you have two attempts, so it's not the end of the world. If you do fail the exam, you will even get another try. If you fail the exam, you'll get a better bearing on areas you need to focus information of materials that you want, toe. Ah, better have a stronger grasp of for the second time that you take the exam.
The material we've been discussing has really been pulling from the C s. A guidance you're gonna want to download and study this guidance several times over. I encourage you to even take out a highlighter whether you do a digital or physical highlighter. So when you're reading, you can take some notes, jot down some thoughts. A lot of this should be information. That's a reiteration of what you've already learned.
But you may pick up on a few new things just because
the fording and the phrasing is a bit different in that guidance review any associative videos in this course that you have in any areas that you've read in the guidance and it's not clear, and hopefully between the two you could find a good ground and a better understanding. If not, you can always search the Internet a little bit to try to get a better grasp on the concept.
87% of the sea CSK exam is going to be pulled from material in the guidance.
So you have a link to the guidance. You're just gonna go to the website requested download? You have to enter your own email and information, but it's completely free for you. In addition to the guidance, 6% of the test is on the Indy. So risk report, you're gonna make sure that you download that and at least give it a skim.
You don't have to read it word for word, cause it is only 6% of the test.
However, you will want to understand the topics and just get a general feel for what are the information points that exist within this report, so that when you're actually taking the exam yourself, you then have a feel, for this is something that I need to look at the initial report for, and I believe it's covered in this kind of an area. And so here we also have the website that you can
go to and it downloaded again. It's a free publication
that you can download it. It's of no charge, much like the C s a guidance.
You're definitely gonna get some questions on the cloud control matrix again. This is something you're gonna want to download as well Take a review at it firsthand. Read each of the 16 different domains read 133 controls. That's each one of the rose defined in the cloud controls matrix. You don't have to look at all the compliance. Mapping is that would be way overkill.
But certainly take a look at one or two. Maybe you're interested in federal. Maybe there's a nice so certification that's applicable.
Take a look at those and get a feel for Okay, I understand how the mapping I understand the controls from the C s. A. Understand how they map into the different compliance regulations. So did you really do feel comfortable exploring the CCM and knowing what materials it covers and what it doesn't cover
and again, you. The CCM is also a free downloadable. Ah, it's a spreadsheet and you're going to go to the Cloud Security Alliance site and then click on the CCM and downloaded from there.
Additionally, we have the cake and so between the CCM and the cake, you're looking at about 7% of the test material coming specifically about these tools. Read all 295 questions. So you looked at the CCM. You read about the domains than the controls. Read all the questions that the cake has, which extrapolates on each one of the domains and allows you to understand. How would you realize this domain?
How can you
assess the degree of control is that a particular cloud provider hasn't placed? In fact, I would encourage you, Moreover, to look into the star registry and examine 2 to 4 providers. Take a look at a few major cloud providers. You've got Amazon, you've got azar. You've got Google. But also take a look at maybe some of the SAS providers of Salesforce there. A real major SAS provider, for sure,
any others that you work with on a day to day, see if they even have entries in the star industry. If so, check out their cake
and see how that lines up. So similar to the CCM, this is cake. Questionnaire itself can be downloaded for free. Just go to the Cloud Security Alliance site, provide your email information and will be immediately available.
Finally, there's a CC escape prep kit not nearly as comprehensive of this training it's free body of knowledge. It gives you 16 sample questions directly from Cloud Security Alliance that could be on the CCS case. So it's something that you wanna use later
before you take your exam. But after you've done some your study and just answer those questions, see if you can answer those questions without
access to any of the support of materials. It also gives you some additional resource is and some testing details there. So, like the other resource is that I've been pointing to this is going to be found on the Cloud Security Alliance Web page. You scroll down there and you see we have self study. We have download the prep kit so it's gonna ask once again for some your email information,
and it will give you the preparation kit with a lot of the materials that you'll need
to make sure you're as ready as possible for the CCS K exam.
Finally, I put together a little hands on exam materials Checklist. Keep in mind this is an open book, so if you have two monitors, that's great because you can have one monitor open with test. The other monitor open with the variety of pdf's and materials. Make sure you the very minimum, have these documents. They're open in your in your pdf reader
so that you can search them. If you
do come across questions, you don't want to be searching these for each and every questions. You will not make it through the 90 minute time frame. However, having them, they're having them accessible. When you do need and you want a search for us, a few key words is gonna be very valuable.
Well, that wraps it up for this course. I appreciate you so much for sticking with me through this. It would covered a lot of material. See, CSK exam really is a mile wide and an inch deep.
All things cloud from governance, from technical, from philosophical, just ways of thinking. And I really hope you get that certification. In fact,
if you want to connect out with me and connect with me, if you have any questions, reach out to me a Lincoln. But do let me know this is regards to the cyber recourse when you're sending the connect because I get a lot of spam. A lot of people who I don't know, and I may not accept it if I don't know you. So just please do drop me a note.
Of course, if you have success, please tag me in that posting on lengthen Tell the world when you get your ccs K.
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