Protecting Physical Assets Part 3

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2 hours 39 minutes
Video Transcription
Welcome back toe acid security course. And I'm going to continue in this video to talk about protecting physical.
Yes, it's, um,
especially about protecting the right equipment.
So you have seen about using off asset management suffer.
And now I'm going to talk about some other methods. And one of the method that is used
is video surveillance. So with your surveillance is used when you have to protect, for example, devices like hallway printers and the camera you see here has
ah violists and wired connection.
And by all means, if you want to create good surveillance off your equipment that is located in holes and any location where somebody from the outside can access and take the equipment
you have to skip for and not use a wireless connection for cameras. So if they have only violent, this connection just avoided.
So, uh, these things can be easily hacked.
They're notoriously unreliable, and the main reason for that is that manufacturers usually don't issue security updates when, after some security bridge on that type of device has been found have been found. Sorry. So
now somebody decides that the WiFi trip there has some security. Um
ah failure. Sorry, not decide that fire find. And then the logical step would be for camera manufacturers to issue for updates. Some of these cameras even cannot be updated. The firmer on these cameras cannot be updated, and usually they don't issue
the update. Uh,
in time, if ever. So in these cases, thes these things can be hacked and made
basically useless.
The second thing about the protection off the right equipment second way is to have the Y striking softer. This is, for example, useful toe have on mobile phones and on noble species
or tablets. The problem is that this is more like a measure to find the lost item instead of protected from being stolen. Because if you're a thief and you have any kind of knowledge about these things, first of all,
you're going to If the device you have stolen is turned down, you're going to switch it off,
and then you are going to switch it on again in an environment that doesn't have WiFi or in case of mobile phones, mobile reception. So that and then you can remove the wireless remote device rankings off for,
or you can and enter in the wireless on or you can. If it's a PC, you can just wiped the hard drive If you're not looking for a date, if you're actually steering stealing
the hardware itself, you can simply wiped the hard drive. And then the software is gone.
there is a way to have some kind of protection or tracking of a device, but it has to be embedded in Harbour And, for example, Intel processes that have the pro can give you the opportunity to track the device, even if the hard drive has been wiped out
because the thing is turned on in bios and it's on process of level
or on ships that level. So, Aled, these things allow you to track your devices even if they don't have the operating system on themselves. The only thing they need to have is to be connected to the Internet, and you can locate them instantly.
So this is This is very nice thing about tracking softer,
and the 13 that is included in in the whole thing is simple. Tracking hardware, so drinking harder is especially useful if you want to protect your mobile phone or tablet to be stolen because these things
they have, ah, be peering inside the hardware itself
so you can keep it in pocket. There is a software that bears this. Why blue to two pairs, the mobile phone or mobile device with little gadget.
And once you
once they're disconnected. So if the Bluetooth connection is gone, or the blood of single simply drops below a certain point, you can have alarm on both your tracking device and your phone, even if your phone is on silent. So in this case you can
it can be signal it can signal that it it has separated from the tracking device,
So if somebody is stealing it units in its pocket, it will just go BBB beat, and that will be enough for you to find it. Person. Also, you have lost the rise. You can press the button on your tracking harder, and in the case it will perform well deep. So if it's lost somewhere and
in your home or in your office, you don't know where you left that. You can find it easily
using drinking harbor.
So this is all about protecting I T equipment. And in next video, you will be in a position to check your learning. So far, with a short quiz
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