Protecting Physical Assets Part 1

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Video Transcription
hello and welcome back to acid Security course. In this lesson, I'm going to talk about
security regarding physical assets,
and I'm going to mention all the physical assets that need acid security protection as well as how to protect week ALS.
So, first of all assets needing protection, our I T equipment. This is the main focus off acid security, but
and then we'll talk about that tape ripping we talk about. That's the PC's. We talk about mobile devices on notebooks, mobile phones like the laptops tablets.
Uh, then also we talk about service and networking equipment,
and we're talking also about the printing devices, which is sometimes think that most of the people
just first just seemed to forget when we talk about that's it security because they think it's just a dumb printer, which is not the case anymore.
And then when we talk about ah recalls, uh, it's just protection about off theft. So when we talk about these new smart, we calls that have all these connections and that can be remotely connected or they connect to the Internet,
at their security, although very, very below what is expected of something that should be secure, for example, for a company to use our older. The security things are proprietary, owned by vehicle manufacturer, and they don't let anybody
get into that
for security reasons. Understandably. But because it's not enough there, 90 security simply cannot interfere. So my only recommendation about the week ALS in general, which are considered to be smart week ALS is at this point to avoid them.
We're talking about the regular carpool off the company or car fleet,
and in order to protect these things, we use GPS tracking so that we know where they are, not only just to protect them from theft but also to protect them from unauthorized use.
And then, besides, GPS tracking were also using things like remote shutdown a week all which is additional circuit. That is added to the Wicca, which allows
remote shutdown either from from some kind of satellite link or from ground radio network.
And the last thing that we use regarding protecting week ALS is to do the rewiring off the connectors, which are used to connect the computer inside the week away to the out side or external
unit that can dio
reprogramming over the over the computer inside the vehicle or that can just do diagnostics. So these things are done through one connector. This connector has a certain pin out, and what you do is you change it, you change its randomly and then you make for each week colas specific.
cable that returns
connections which are now garbled to the one that is supposed to be by factory definition.
And if you connect the external device to the connector without that piece of wire would do, connected was on it, you might even fry the external unit. Tory just won't work.
So this is one thing that is usually done. For example, I'm in my experience by leasing companies. They give you the car because everybody can break into car. But these computer as cars, they need some kind off intervention by a computer in order to break through security protocol. So
this is something that can help,
not prevent, but it can help reduce the risk of car being stolen.
So, um, also, when we talk about remote shutdown, it can be used on GPS tracking. It can be used in dependent on what the vehicle itself has in it. so we can use it even on smart vehicles. And we can install GPS tracking as a separate
the Weiss in such, hide it somewhere in the car
and also hide the remote shutdown unit. It can be really small. We can rewire the cables, and immediately after we find that the car has been stolen, we can remotely shut shut it down. Which increases the chance off car being retrieved in time.
So, um,
in this video, you have learned what types of physical devices exist in company that are part off oversight by security.
And we talked about protecting recalls, and in next lesson, I'm going to talk about I t equipment and how to protect it.
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