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Video Transcription
Welcome back to our project plus P K's years Europe before class. This is Romero Hilario, and now we're looking at project influences. Before, we were looking at different constrains. Now I'm gonna be looking at influences that affect ah project's execution.
Influences are essentially factors that impact how project develops and they could be contemplated. It's part of the plan, but sometimes you just can't plan for them. So what I'm looking at, which factors could be consider throughout a project life cycle.
Also, how they trapped with each other
and how be a fate in the Chemical Street.
Major influences are changed requests,
scope, creep,
priority changes and stakeholders. So let's look at these individually.
As we said before I change request is something normal change requests could be source because one of the outcomes throughout the project has been found to liver a different result and therefore
it means probably that our execution or our plan has to be adjusted accordingly.
But also change requests could calm because our supplier doesn't have the parts that we need anymore, and they're not available with market. So we need to look for a different supplier
or maybe change our specifications to adjust to a part that is similar, but not exactly as we have plan.
Another reason why we have changed requests is because, um, stakeholders they want to see different results. For example, suffer development. You are thinking that the mobile lab that you are creating
is the latest and greatest and is going to revolutionize
the way people interact with social media and one of your stake, Holder says. This is the same thing that somebody else was doing, or it doesn't seem as intuitive or friendly or as Fourth Communists us we thought or we expected it to be,
so that means that there has to be some changes.
But now changed requests, especially when it comes from the source off a stakeholder, are normal.
There's nothing that we have to be worried about their part off the team, just they're not the execute Ear's off off the project, but they are the rial people that will be affected and have some sort of investment into a project's results.
Another is cope creep, which we have mentioned before. Scope Crib is this little changes that, if not controlled, can throw the whole project in the plan out off, out of control.
And I could be in the picture of Have somebody starts asking for a feature or they want to change the future that you had originally proposed.
Um, and how much money you have versus our money? Much money you need. Or maybe because the time changes. So sculpt crib is something that needs to be that you need to keep close tabs on it can variously go out of control and change the entire Malcolm off a project
priority changes. Um, well, we have always in our plan what needs to be done, what we like to be done and maybe what we don't hate me too. Don't to be done right now.
But sometimes different forces, internal, external they change these things in the different tasks that you wanted to do because you understand that this is what has to be done now because of different resource is our availability off. These resource is you need to re prairie times, and this changes the whole game,
re prioritizing. And also the interactions between some of these tests is important. Sometimes each work package has who could see them as independent, but little do we know that there is a relationship and sometimes if the relationship is negative,
then we end up having to do a task that we thought we could postpone for one week. We end up having to do it yesterday
just to make sure that the consequences of the next task do not affect it.
Finally, we have stakeholders. Stakeholders, as we said before, are invested in the project in one way or another. Sometimes is, ah, matter off practical use of the results that they're looking for.
Sometimes they are just playing with politics in within this many
in many spheres, TV and one not sometimes is just that they they want to be the they want the results to be something as they like. So they introduced some conflict into into our project
and by the way, conflict is not always bad. It could be very good if managed and handled properly. So stakeholders also introduced different challenges to what we want to produce and how we want to produce it.
So what have we seen in dissection? The different influences and factors that impact our project execution on development and how we could handle this constraints and make sure that they do not become a challenge, but a factor that positively effects
our project.
And it's intended outcomes.
Well, that's it for now. Thank you so much. And I'll see you in our next section.
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