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7 hours 15 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome to the privileged access management fundamentals. Course. My name is Ken, and I'll be your instructor for this course in this video, we're to talk about any prerequisites that are needed for this course to be successful as well as the intended audience.
We'll also talk about my background. Is your instructor any supplementary material that's available for the course and the overall course structure itself?
So for pre RECs, it's really ah, good idea. Have a basic background in networking or system administration. You don't have to have that, but that's a good idea. As well as having some experience with active directory.
The audience here is intended for mostly system administrators or network administrators, network engineers. But really anybody with an interest can follow along in this particular course, and the hands on labs were doing will have step by step guides for you to follow along.
We'll see who My my name is Ken and Carolyn. The master instructor is Sai Buri. I hold a couple of certifications, a sort of an ethical hacker and computer hacking forensic investigator from Easy Council also have a graduate degree in cybersecurity and information assurance. I'm an agent professor of digital forensics, and I won an award in 2019 for outstanding Educator.
This course is going to include step by step lab guides, as I mentioned so again, don't worry about if you have no experience with active directory or no experience as a network admin or sys admin,
you can follow along with the lab, step by step with those guides.
And this course is structured with a combination of
lectures that you see, like this one with the power point slides as well as the hands on labs to help you reinforce the concepts.
So in this video we talked about, some of the prerequisites for this course is wealthy. Overall intended audience again. It's intended forces sad menswear network admin is, but really anybody could take this course and be successful.
We also talked about my background is your instructor. We talked about the fact that there are step by step lab guides is part of the supplementary resource is for the course, so those are available in the resource is tab on this course, and then we talked about the overall course structure itself. So again, we're going to be looking at
a few modules of Power Point slides. His will is doing some hands on labs
in the next video. We're to talk about what privileged access management is.
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