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Video Transcription
welcome back to end user VPN security course and welcome to modern form, which is going to be about personal we peons.
So, uh,
if you will get to the
the course, you're basically the last learning module off this course. In next model, I will be just in the court recap and then you are finished and the you receive. If everything is ok, you receive a certificate of completion.
So first lesson of this module is why should I use three PM So some of these things I have been talking before, but let's just do a short explanation why you need bpm.
So people connect to the Internet
every day and very few of them think about using Begin using journalists and you're in a country where your government is probably prying on to what you're doing on the Internet. And you don't want that
in that case. And the statistics show that in these countries than percentage of personal Internet user that using VPN is much, much several times higher than in countries of which people trust their governments to leave them alone.
So first thing about BP and usage doesn't have to do anything
about somebody watching over your shoulder. It's simply much safer.
It's safer when you using Internet from home. It's safer. Bennett's using Internet when you're William the Holy Bays, and it's essentially safer
when using enter from anywhere. Why? Because if you're connecting to a by five. So unless you're using wired connection in your home,
Uh, then there is very little way that somebody will break or fake the WiFi connection that you have and do something with the wise that is essentially spying on traffic. So people are
you, mostly using their nobles or mobile phones to connect to their home by fi.
And this is definitely not the same way Fay to communicate. So if you're using we piano of each of the devices, then the entire traffic you're having between
device, better PC or mobile phone and the company that is giving you the VP and the service, like providing that service
is encrypted. So if somebody is listening to your
in the neighborhood or you're near environment, they simply can't get anything out of it because it's encrypted
off course. It actually doesn't prevent you in some cases. But in most of the cases, if VPN services. Okay, then you're fine.
So it's not just about somebody looking at what you're doing. It's, Ah, some kind of protection about cyber crime in general, and it's really good one.
If more, more people would be using that on the regular basis than, uh,
the whole Internet would be much safer place.
the second reason why you should use a VPN is because you get the more privacy. You're pretty much protecting from government oversight, but it doesn't have to be Grammond prop praying, trying to what you're
so spying on. You can be some interested parties. So if you're a small business owner, maybe somebody from the competition wants to know what you're doing.
And if you're using a VPN, they cannot do it.
What a VPN is not protecting you is if you want to protect your it's a personal online behaviour.
Cookies, social media data collection. If you using social media, we pian cannot protect you from that. BPM can just protect your essential connection to the Internet from your device, which is
rather difficult to secure in any other way, or your home network or the public network you're using to connect
and, uh,
at the basically the gate where in which you're exiting to the Internet. So if it's in some other country, and if it's, um, very good BP in service provider, then it's almost impossible for anybody to know what you're doing while you're online.
your privacy is not just against governments.
On the third reason for using a VPN, is it because bypasses jail walking? So, for example, in the fueling in one country and you're using some service that requires you to be in that country and then you go away something, and this is service you
actually paid for, and it's legal for you to use it.
And then you go to some other country because, for example, you on holiday and you still want to use that service.
If you would look just on the regular Internet,
you won't be able to use it. But if you use VPN and you exit to the Internet s so you set up that you exit in the same country in which you reside, then you suddenly can use it. So it's a it's a it's a thing that the use you
some kind of, uh,
essential what's a flexibility in that way? It also confuses data collectors.
Andi also gives you calm the content. So if you believe in the country in which some content is on the way, will refuse BP end and suddenly becomes available.
Maybe because of government censoring or something like that.
But there is a slightly bedside of confusing data collectors and then avoiding geo blocking.
So if you're if you're using something in your get used to getting the local content and then you use VPN and you exit toe Internet on some other location, sometimes you would be difficult for you to set up that your system, so that whoever is giving you content knows
where you actually are because
you're actually if they look at the your location, for example might be I'm in Serbia. If I connect to VPN on maybe,
uh, when comes to, for example, Google. Uh, it might be that I'm in us and I would be getting old information us more localized in Serbians from being a language. So it happened, for example, to me when I was working in HB and I was connecting on a VPN and then I went to go to Google. I was suddenly getting everything in touch
because my company's weepy and that I was connecting to. It was exiting to the home, so
I would always have to just go to the national page and click on English. Just because I couldn't I would get told the answers induction
language, which I don't speak.
So this is about to the benefits of weepy in and the reason why should you use it? So there are a couple and the VPN services no longer expensive, so it can cost you just a couple of dollars per month.
And sometimes even the one subscription gives you ability to use more than just one guy. So these things are relatively cheap, and the benefits they bring far over
reach the
the cost of what you pay for it.
So in this video, you have learned about what are the benefits? Suffusing weepy in a private person is an individual, because when we talk about using, it s simply company doesn't matter if there are benefits or not. Sometimes it simply mandatories. Somebody from a company tells you have to do it.
And even if they give you that capability but don't make it mandatory there. It's a recommendation that you use it
in next lesson, I will be talking about BP and market offering.
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