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In the first part of this module we examined how to create a payload and launch a reverse shell attack on a Linux target. In the final two videos of this module, we set our sights on attacking a Windows 7 host. For this example, instead of infecting a common application like a game, we simplify things by creating a standalone package from scratch that will contain our payload. The basic steps are very similar to the Linux example. We execute Metasploit commands from the console and use msfvenom to create the payload. We then select characters to exclude in the output file and specify the host IP address and the port on which to listen for connections. In addition we specify encoder iterations in order to avoid detection by AV software on the target. Finally, we set up a handler just as with the Linux example on the local host to listen for connection requests from the target.

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This free Metasploit tutorial will teach you to utilize the deep capabilities of Metasploit for penetration testing and help you to prepare to run vulnerability assessments for organizations of any size.

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Dean Pompilio
CEO of SteppingStone Solutions