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This lesson offers an introduction into the course which is about NIST special publications. This course offers a collective look at the most relevant NIST standards for professionals who handle sensitive information and those in cyber security.

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Hi. My name is Kelly Hander Hand, and I want to welcome you to the cyber Siris on n'est special Publications. And what we've done is we've pulled together some of the miss standards or publications rather that we think are gonna be most helpful to you.
Ah, those of you dealing with sensitive information and of course, cybersecurity.
So the 1st 1 in the series we're gonna look at is Nece Special Publication 800-1 71. And this is protecting controlled, unclassified information in non federal information systems and organizations. That's a mouthful, but basically what we're gonna be going through or the 14
classes of controls
and those elements that we need to bring into our environment to provide good security as reference by this particular publication. So, again, my name's Kelly Hander Han. I hope you join us for each one of the Siri's in each one of the classes in the NIST. Siri's

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